Communication barriers

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In this assignment I will be writing about what I understand about communication barriers and how to overcome them, I will also be writing about what are the barriers in my work placement and the strategies that are used that could overcome the barriers Communication barriers are what stops the message getting across or stops two people from communicating effectively. Communication barriers include;

language barriers


aggression /submissiveness


values on beliefs

cultural variation

Language barriers

Samira is a worker at rooftop nursery and finds it hard to communicate properly due to her language barrier. Her first language is Bangladeshi, She won’t be able to understand people talk with her because English is not his first language therefore she won’t be able to communicate with the people around her.

The way Samira is going to overcome this communication barrier can be enrolling in a ESOL course which can help her learn how to speak English probably, when Samira has to go to meetings in the work placement she could be provided with a translator who can speak both Bangladeshi and English.

If a person was due to have a hearing disability, this would affect their communication by not being able to understand and hear what people are saying when communicating with them.

To have strategies that will help a service user who has a hearing disability, to overcome communication barriers the best thing to do is by making them wear a hearing aid at all times so it can be more helpful for them to hear people more effectively. Also what could be provided to this service user is to be given clear; written text so then the service user can read what the person is articulating to them. Sign language is also an effective action that could take place within this service user to help them communicate much more consistently.

Lola has a visual disability and finds it hard to see peoples facial expressions, body language and see who is directly communicating with her. All of these are barriers to which stops her from communicating affectively with anyone.

Lola can overcome this communication barrier by always wearing glasses at all times. When people are directly speaking to Lola, they shouldn’t be far from her,,they should come closer to Lola so she can visually see them more and making it much clearer for her to understand and see the facial expression so she can see who she is speaking to.

Aggression/submissive behaviour

Aggression/submissive behaviour can cause a break down in communications between two or more people and also it stops normal people and professional from wanting to help the person. Aggression/submissive behaviour are when a person becomes rude and doesn’t want to contribute to the activity or respond to what the person is telling them to do.

To overcome aggression /submissive a person or a professional has to be calm meaning they have to defuse the situation and show that they will not also become aggressive their self by showing respect towards the person e.g. speaking in a normal tone and avoiding a tense body language and posture or clenched fists or fixed eye contact. A person has to use their listening skills to show that they are considering the other person’s opinion seriously to show they are still communicating respect. In a situation where aggressive behaviour and submissive behaviour is being shown is up to the other person to create trust to keep the other person calm and meet their self-esteem and making them feel valued. The last stage to defusing aggression and submissive is actually discussing a solution that both parts agree on.

An example of aggression and submissive behaviour in my work placement that I observed is when a child felled in the playground and hurt his forehead and had a little scar, however when the nursery teacher that was on duty when the accident told the mother of the child, the mother started to become very aggressive and displays dismissive behaviour .


In communications assumptions are made all the time when sending and receiving message when interacting.An assumption is when a an individual or groups of people make an assumption on a responsible decision about a person or something without proof or any truth.An assumption becomes a communication barrier as the person may not have understood the message that has been delivered , probably.

An example of assumptions being made during communication, is child in a maths class may get out of the classroom while the teacher is explaining the homework,because he assumes that he already knows how to solve all the maths questions in the homework, and ends up doing it completely wrong.

The communication theory that is referred to when communication is not successful is the Argyles theory.The Argyles theory states that,for their to be good communication and interaction with people, all communication have to be performed successfully, and for there to be effective communication it should include the Argyles communication stage which are the following:ideas occur, message coded, message sent, message decoded and message understood.The reasons that assumptions occur are because messages are maybe not decoded probably or understood due to un-effective listening.

Values on beliefs

Everybody in society have different beliefs and values which guide the way people live their life’s, and the way they daily communicate with other people. Different beliefs and values are principles that someone beliefs in, which contributes the way a person interacts with other people. An individual’s communication is highly affected by their belief system and sometimes a person’s communications maybe misinterpreted and their intension also misunderstood, for example in a school, there are various different students with different backgrounds and beliefs and values attending the school, which may affect communication when their having conversations, as they have different values and beliefs, which means it could lead to assumptions being made during receiving messages while interacting.

To overcome communications barriers caused by values and beliefs, because of assumptions being made during interactions, to overcome this barrier the school students should, communicate in a way where no offends are caused to a person’s values and beliefs.

Culture variations

There are various different cultures around us and in our society today, different cultures interpret the world differently. This also includes interpreting non-verbal and verbal communication and interactions also differently. An example of culture variation that occurred in my work placement (rooftop) nursery, which has varies children that come from different backgrounds and have different cultures.

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