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Like all other businesses Asda will feel the need for the recruitment and retention process. Asda will chose when employment will be needed, this is mainly during holiday seasons when they are understaffed and the work load is piling up. Another reason for employment would be to fill a gap of a dismissed employee or one that felt on their own accord. Asda will need to carry out the recruiting process to enable them to find the best applicant for the job. Asda recruits employees internally and externally.

To recruit externally Asda advertise vacancies in the job centre and posters in the store. Advertising in the store allows customers to see the job vacancies available. Advertising the store allows internal colleagues to apply for the vacancy. Asda’s recruiting process starts with advertising. Asda tend to use the job centres and posters in the store. If a large amount of colleagues are required Asda may hold a recruitment day. This consists of boards being placed in the foyer with all the jobs and hours required to work.

This may include temporary, part time and full time jobs. When an advertisement is being advertised many people will phone or visit the store on a regular basis to enquire on spec due to Asda being such a large company. If Asda are recruiting anyone wanting to apply can freely pick up a form from the reception. The first step for any person wishing to join Asda will be the application form. When Asda are looking to recruit new staff they will always advertise the job so that people are aware of the vacancy available and can consider in filling out an application form.

This will allow Asda to attract as many people as possible and will give a wide range of people to select from so that the best application can be chosen. When Asda are advertising a vacancy, it is important that they provide all necessary information such as the time required. Certain information has to be given in the advertisement so that all those applying are fully aware of what is required of them. If a large number of colleagues are required, Asda will hold a recruitment day. This is done so that they will be able to attract as many people as possible for the job.

If Asda did not advertise the vacancy would not be known therefore the recruitment process would not start. The stage in recruiting is the application form to gather basic information regarding the application. This requires information such name, address etc, education, works experiences, health, absence, disability, referees and other information about the applicant. Applicants that have passed the application form and have the required amount of points will be invited to their first session of interviewing with Asda.

This interview will be a grouped interview; other people who have applied for the position will also be present. This type of interview allows Asda to assess how well applicants interact with people. If the applicant is successful they will called in for a one to one interview, which will determine whether they finally are successful in the recruitment process. It is vital that Asda are able to retain the employees. If employees leave Asda the recruitment process will have to take place again from the beginning.

This creates further problems for the business as the business will have to manage time without unemployment until the most applicable employment is found. The recruitment also will be costly for the business and is time consuming which further affects the performance of the business. For these reasons it is important that customers go through retention. Asda can use measurements to work out how long staff are staying with them and work out targets to maintain or improve the trend. The measurement is known as the staff turnover.

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