common French transition words for conversation

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DabordFirst of all
Puisand then..
parce quebecause

apresafter that
en generalgenerally
de plusmoreover, also
en faitin fact
en revancheon the other hand
ainsithat way…
pour cette raisonfor this reason
en effetindeed
par contreon the other hand
en plusalso
cest-a-dire quein other words
contrairement aas opposed to
etant donne quegiven that
cest pourquoithis is why
dune part…dautre parton the one hand…on the other hand
aussi (middle of sentence)also (too)
aussi (at beginning of sentence)therefore
pour moifor me (as far as I am concerned)
Il me semble queit seems to me
Je pense queI think
Je crois queI believe
a mon avisin my opinion
pour ma partfor me
dabord elle a mange, puis elle est partiefirst she ate, then she left
elle est fatiguee parce quelle a fait du sportshe is tired because she worked out
elle a enfin fini le projetshe finally finished the project
il sest reveille, puis il sest lave et enfin il a pris son petit dejeunerhe woke up, then he washed and finally he ate his breakfast
il est petit cependant il est forthe is small however he is strong
etant donne que tu es fatigue, nous ne sortirons pasgiven that you are tired, we will not go out
jaime le poulet, mais jaime aussi le poissonI like chicken but I also like fish
alors, ca va?so, how are you?
il etait en retard alors elle est partiehe was late so (therefore) she left
cest ainsi!thats the way it is!
on prend deux voitures ainsi tu pourras aller au travail directementwe (informal we) take 2 cars that way youll be able to go to work directly
il fait froid aujourdhui… en effet, tu as raison, il fait froidits cold today… indeed, you are right, it is cold
contrairement a toi, jai vote pour Obamacontrary to you, I voted for Obama
je pars en vacances demain, cest-a-dire que je ne viendrais pas a la soireei am going on vacation tomorrow, in order words I will not come to the party
est-ce que tu aimes skier? non, en fait, je prefere nagerdo you like skying? No, in fact, I prefer swimming
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