Commentary and textual analysis for advertising project

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Year 10 Media Studies Commentary and Textual Analysis for Advertising Project Advertising is a technique used to make a product publicly known and may also be used to encourage sales within a company. Companies that are multi-national may elongate their advertising techniques by using celebrities or well-known personality’s as to reinforce their product. By doing so, potential buyers may feel more attracted to these products as they may be publicised by their idols and as a result may buy the product.

Companies, which derive from smaller firms also, need to advertise to attract customers and business deals but may advertise on a smaller scale than existing larger companies. When compelling an advertisement, companies often target their advert towards a specific age group. For example, an advert for a new pair of trainers would be vibrant, energetic and fast paced as it may be targeted towards a teenage audience, therefore including all the necessary attributes associated with teenagers. In order for a company to sell their products, numerous techniques may be used to lure the audience into buying it.

A company such as Ariel uses a technique that implies that their washing powder is the best on the market as it not only cleans clothes but provides “longer lasting freshness” which then tells the consumer that the washing powder is long lasting and therefore value for money. I have produced a fragrance perfume for females, which has been titled “Henna” along with the slogan “ever lasting.” Henna is a temporary art used on the body and Henna powder is derived from a bush named Lawsonia inermis. Therefore, the title “Henna” suggests a natural and pure feel as Henna is a natural product used for cosmetic purposes and enhances beauty.

The perfume connotes to its audience that by using the product they will become spiritually content with themselves due to the natural essence of the fragrance and do no need any artificial cosmetics to enhance their beauty. The perfume implies that by using such a product, the consumer is being truthful to themselves as they are using a natural product and will have a raw, fresh, vibrant and calm look just like nature itself. The idea of not having to use any artificial product to look truly beautiful means that the consumer will feel more confident as they personify Mother Nature at its best.

The bottle shape of the fragrance is that of a slender, elegant and feminine style as it appears slimmer at the top and wider at the bottom. This could enhance the fact that it is very much like a curvaceous woman who appears to have the conventionally ideal figure like that of an hourglass. This would mean that females may identify with the bottle as the may represent or resemble such a figure. A sliver lid is used on the bottle, which is significant of wealth. Silver may be perceived as being an expensive material as it may come in various forms and this implies that the bottle is rich and distinguished just as the fragrance. Also, silver is a modern colour in today’s lifestyle therefore promoting the fragrance to be a natural yet modern styled perfume.

A pale, translucent white colour is used on the bottle which further enhances the resemblance of nature as white is a natural colour associated with natural element such as the snow and the clouds. Further on, the bottle colour appears somewhat translucent which may imply that the natural source of light is apparent. To further enforce the name “Henna” I painted a floral design from Henna on to the bottle in the colour of green.

By doing so, the consumer can see the relation between the name and the design and as Henna is green, again natural associations can be made such as green plants which is exactly what Henna is. Keeping the pattern simple and delicate means that it shows the natural image of the fragrance and as the design is made purely from Henna it means that the image of using only natural cosmetics to augment beauty stands firmly as the bottle appears beautiful and sophisticated and needs no artificial substances to enhance it.

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