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This advert is taken from the guardian newspaper. And it tells us about the people of Afghanistan who are in poor condition. Before this advert is released, there was news about suicide bombing in America on September the 11th. This incident results in lot of people killed in America. America said that this has been done by Al-Qaeeda group and they are based in Afghanistan, so therefore, they declared war on Afghanistan.

Purpose of the Advert: The purpose of the advert is to get your money. They try to persuade you by affecting your emotions and sympathy and pity etc, so to help and protect children from the results of war and it appeals to us for money. And might when the people saw this advert in Britain, they have lot of ideas and beliefs about people of Afghanistan which stops them to donate their money, so they have very cleverly made this advert up.

Top heading: This heading is on the top of the advert, and tells us the whole summary of the advert. Their wordings are “AFGHANISTAN REFUGEE CRISIS”. Author had very cleverly make this heading up because by reading this heading, whatever your beliefs, it doesn’t affect you because it only tells that there are crisis in Afghanistan and don’t tell about International issues so wider up their target audience.

Image and the Main Heading: The author had given a big picture of child who is looking into the camera so that’s seems s/he is looking into our eyes and like asking us for help. Author had expertly chosen the image, as there is only face of the child is appearing in the image which is most expressive part of the human body and also by looking on the image, it’s hard to identify his sex, so it could appeals to more people. Child looks helpless and poor in the image and looking into the camera to persuade more people to donate money. Also child is on someone’s shoulder, so it could tell the reader that after you help child, s/he going to have a helping hand. Author has only given one child’s image and this image represents all the other children which are suffering in Afghanistan.

Author have given a big wording of “INNOCENT” which is by far the biggest in font where your attention will go after the image when you will look on advert and it is on the side of the image and it has its own line, which in turn tells you that children are innocent and author has applied pressure on it. Words of main heading are “THEY’RE INNOCENT PLEASE DON’T LET THEM SUFFER” So in this the author is appealing to people that children are innocent and so don’t let them suffer. And author kind of telling in this that whatever is happened, the children didn’t do anything so you have to save them, so persuading and targeting their audience and it also now convinced the reader to read the main text.

Main Text: In the first paragraph, the author immediately summarised the events happened in Afghanistan. The author had divided the paragraphs so they don’t look like big stuff to read. The first paragraph tells about Afghanistan had caught up in international crises and it don’t tell about September 11th events so author had widen their audience.

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