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The perfume has a natural fragrance to it, which is almost floral but would not depend solely on flowers to instigate the scent but would appear softer and light. The scent is very airy and not at all strong having a refreshing, exotic and natural smell, which makes one feel free from everyday smells such as pollution and odours. The most convenient aspect of the fragrance is that it is easy to carry around and females can take it anywhere due to its light weight and compact style allowing it to slip easily into handbags or could easily be displayed on dressing tables due to its distinctive design.

This product is aimed at mature females ranging between the ages of 26-31. The fragrance is mainly designed for women who are possibly earning a disposable income and find themselves secure with a career and are able to indulge in perfumes. The fragrance is not designed as a first perfume but is for women who have matured and are perhaps in search of a varied fragrance rather than the mundane fragrances available on the market today. This message has been sent across to the audience by promoting the perfume in a unique style from existing fragrances by using natural surroundings which have not been tampered with to create a specific look but letting nature take its course and helping to enhance the appeal of the fragrance.

Ideally, women of this age bracket already have a stylised image for themselves and the fragrance would be a product they buy to complement their image. The fragrance may work on two ways. For the younger woman in her late twenties who may be in a serious relationship or who is looking to find a suitable partner, it may help them feel more confident and content with themselves. For women in their early thirties who may lead hectic lifestyles with a career and a family, the perfume ables them to escape from their hectic lives and makes them feel refreshed and vibrant.

The fragrance would be priced at 25 onwards and would vary as the bottle size increased. This would be a comfortable price for a female in the specified age group as they would be in a successful career and would be looking for a sophisticated yet simple fragrance. This fragrance is more appealing than existing fragrances as it carries all the conventions that femininity acquires such as simplicity, beauty and organic grace. Consumers would want to buy this fragrance as it connotes the image that women need no unnatural cosmetics to heighten their appearance and by using this particular fragrance will have sex appeal that comes from within.

In order for the fragrance to allure females, the campaign exaggerates the fact that it provides only natural beauty and enhances sex appeal. The fragrance portrays a need to be used as true beauty can only emanate from the perfume and “Henna” accentuates this due to its natural representation. Without “Henna” women can not possibly reach their maximum potential of being attractive and it is every woman’s desire to look beautiful.

The finished advert campaign is refined and boasts a cosmopolitan look due to its classy finish. It insinuates to the audience that it is solely natural and that by using the fragrance you will have mass sex appeal that does not derive from artificial cosmetics but from natural elements portraying real beauty comes from within. A natural colour scheme of green and blue is used for the advert campaign and these two colours represent natural elements such as plants and the sky. The use of leaves and a pink sunflower also connote to the natural image and the use of pink further portrays femininity. The flower signifies nature at its best, as it appears beautiful and elegant.

The main idea of the advert campaign is based upon the four seasons and the photographs of the bottle have been taken in several natural conditions such as a tree which has no leaves to represent autumn and a mixture of green and blue fabric along with leaves to represent spring. The main concept here is that “Henna” can be worn any time of the year and any time of the day, as there are no restrictions upon it. It may be a formal fragrance for the office, a fun fragrance for outdoors or a classy fragrance for evening parties.

Personally, I feel that this campaign was largely successful in portraying natural elements of nature that I wanted it to. The adverts actually rose above my expectations as I was unsure about using real life natural surroundings but in retrospect, it was these images that worked out best. I also decided not to incorporate any people into my images, as I wanted a purely natural looking campaign, which consisted of no unnatural aspects, keeping purely to the theme of natural surroundings and plants.

Originally, my advert campaign was going to take a completely different look from the one it carries now. I had originally planned to promote the perfume using an eastern theme using colours such as reds, oranges and yellows and a variety of eastern accessories. The images however turned out to be unsuccessful as they appeared to cluttered, tacky and very strong. I then decided to take a different approach to the project and introduced a subtle colour scheme, generally toning the whole look down. This proved more successful as the adverts conceived appeared more professional.

I took a few photographs outdoors, placing the bottle in a tree and this proved to be the best image in my opinion as it boasted of a certain rawness and freshness. The rest of the images were taken indoors creating illusions of the different seasons using fresh leaves and fabrics. Due to some technical difficulties such as the computer not saving my work, I lost numerous photographs and therefore had to retake some of my images. Another obstacle was that one of my adverts did not successfully open up on the computer and this then meant that I had to reproduce a replica of my advert which did not prove time efficient.

I created my adverts on Microsoft Photodraw and as I was familiar with this computer package I found it easy to enhance my work by adjusting brightness and contrast and generally manipulating each image to improve the look. I am generally satisfied with my work but in order to improve it, I would prefer to take every photograph in completely natural environments and not have to create illusions of any seasons. Overall, I feel the project was a success and I managed to overcome most of the problems I encountered and produce a sophisticated advert campaign for a female perfume.

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