College Baseball – Who is the Best Ever?

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Baseball is the most popular sport in the United States of America. The game, full of excitement and skill, is liked by millions of people. All the prominent Universities have a baseball team of their own. Various types of tournaments and championships are organized for college baseball. Baseball is the most favorite sport activity of the students these days. USC Trojan baseball program was established in the year 1888. This program is a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the Pacific-10 Conference. It is presently coached by Chad Creuter.

University of Southern California Baseball team has the distinction of winning most titles and championships in the last 50 years period. Rod Dedeaux was appointed the co-head coach of the Southern California University baseball team in 1943 with Sam Barry. After the death of Sam Barry in 1951, Dedeaux took over as sole coach of the baseball team and the team won many laurels under his able guidance and professional coaching. He helped the team to win a record 11 national championship titles and he held the distinction of being the most successful coach for almost 40 years at a stretch.

While Dedeaux was associated with the University baseball team, he also provided his services as coach of the United States team at the Summer Olympics held at Tokyo in the year 1964 and also at the Summer Olympics 1984 held in Los Angeles. After his retirement as coach Dedeaux was appointed as the Director of the baseball team of University of Southern California. Dedeaux has left the permanent impression of his genius coaching abilities over the history of university baseball. Baseball is highly indebted to Dedeaux for the valuable services provided by him.

USC has a history of remarkable achievements. With 12 national baseball championships, USC is the best ever baseball team of college baseball competitions. In the year 1948, USC baseball had won their first national championship award and their 12th and the most recent victory of national championship was achieved in 1998. USC team has won many distinctions under the guidance and supervision of highly dedicated and committed coaches, Gillespie being prominent among them. During his career, as the Head Coach of the USC baseball team spanning over 20 years, Gillespie ensured the victory of his team in various important college tournaments.

Gillespie was honored with the distinction to coach the USA National Baseball team in the year 2000. He was nominated as PAC-10coach of the year for as many as 4 times. Having completed a successful and satisfying career, Gillespie finally retired from USC team after 2006 season. As USC team is considered the best ever among all the college baseball teams, Gillespie and Dedeaux are said to be the best college baseball coaches the country had ever had.

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