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In the context of the I-J, the change of government from the Labor party to the Conservative/Liberal Democrat is bound to influence Caduceus operations. By last estimates, the 8 Academy factories in the I-J had employed 3,000 workers. However, the stringent restrictions on the entry of skilled workers from rest of Europe can affect Caduceus hiring decisions in the future. Imposition of taxes The imposition of taxes is yet another political factor that will determine how

Academy manages its investment and payment to shareholders. For example, Value- added Tax rose by 2. 5% in 2010 and increased chocolate prices and reduced sales. And even before that in 2007, Academy Cheapest decided to outsource a major portion of its accounting and HER to an Indian firm in the face of increasing operational expenses and reducing margins. If other business units follow suit, this can result in a loss of hundreds of Jobs across the globe. But conversely, it will also create new employment opportunities in countries like India.

Economic: The global economic downturn The cost cutting nature of customers and limited expenditure budget affect Academy sales to down flow. The short of disposable income in customers and stake holders make them stand back on purchasing more sweet products or rather investing in Academy. The regulation in interest rates may affect the expansion projects of Academy. The national minimum wage will be also dependent to economic situation affecting Academy, if it is brought down, the operational cost may come down in employee payments, but it will affect inversely in sales figures.

Social: The social trend to crisp industry and snacking is increasing. Based on the study from recent years, I-J population mostly prone to snacks and crisps rather than chocolates, candy and gums. The customer consciousness about health and contents used in products may affect sales figure. There are also concerns in the western world owing to rising cases of obesity, especially among children. Many nutritionists commend people to reduce their consumption of chocolate and candy, which is likely to affect Academy sales in the future.

Technology: Technology has changed Caduceus production and packing process over the years, couture PEST By gouaches Eng n the introduction to new brew machines to blend coyote and cocoa gains. Recent moves in this regard include the use of pathogen testing systems and filing patents for heat-resistant chocolate. Technology also make more sense in development of Academy in research section. Legal: Environmental:

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