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Repetition is used in adverts but normally falls under the category of memory devices but when talking you often repeat things and therefore it comes under friendly language as well. Adverts use persuasive writing to persuade the reader to buy their product because that is their main objective they use techniques such as, emotive adjectives, imperatives, technical jargon and rhetorical questions all to get the reader thinking that this product is better than others and will do more.

The use of emotive adjectives is the most common persuasion technique, especially strings of them because the adjectives describing the product when put together all at once will make the product appear to be better than it actually is. Adjectives do the job of describing the product and sometimes adjectives are piled up to give a fuller description of the product. For example in a Coalpor china advert it goes into great depth and detail describing their plate as “timeless, immense and major” all of these could be opinions but used in strings they build up the image and quality of the product.

Another feature of persuasive writing is technical jargon in guitar advert it says “the u bar is much easier than a whammy” and “the PA377’s are better than the original hum buckers” for people who don’t know anything about guitars this may seem impressive and as though the guitar has a lot of features when really its only advertising a bar and a piece of metal. Imperatives, telling the reader what to do is a great way of getting the message across for example “chill out” and “buy now” are two examples from a radoxology catalogue and are telling the reader exactly what to do with their life and it will have the effect that the reader may do what they say and go and buy the product because of the friendly language used they trust the advertisement.

Rhetorical questions are used to confuse the reader or to make them think twice about themselves “is your skin the best it can be?” “Is your makeup performing as you would want it?” in an Avon book making the reader reconsider the products they have at the moment and take a look at the products they have to offer. Advertisers would like people to remember their advert when shopping for a product it that range, this means the memory devices they imply must be good this is the sole reason memory devices are used. There are really only two main factors used alliteration and puns.

Alliteration where the same sound is repeated over and over again to drill it into the readers mind so that it rolls off the tongue and is easy to say an advert designed by Simsbury’s says “breakthrough in bacon” the beginning of the words sound the same making it easier and somewhat comical to read. Also in a lawn care advertisement they describe their spray as “Clover Kill” it’s easy to say and it sticks in your head.

Another technique used by advertisers is puns they are used to try an make it funny and to firstly draw your attention after they have achieved this it must stick in your mind so it must be catchy “the smoothest gear change around” a Yamaha advert designed to advertise clothes for bike riders, the word gear is obviously a play on words as bikes have gears and you wear gear, it trying desperately to be funny and for some people it may seem funny but unless you are in the group it is aimed at you probably wont find it funny at all.

In conclusion I think advertising is a waste of time because it annoys people by filling up space that could have been used for something interesting. Sometimes they can be funny and make people want to go and buy the product. Presentational techniques must be bright and eye-catching and not dull, the opinions are disgraceful because they are trying to tell you what to think. The friendly language is very captivating and draws you to read, their persuasive techniques must be fantastic to make you even think of buying their product. Memory devices are usually the most comical and are designed to make you laugh and normally they succeed adverts have very good memory devices but adverts in general just get ignored by me.

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