Clothing And Equipment Used In Boxing

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There are particular types of clothing that are essential for bouts in boxing. This is generally irrespective of the weight class in a boxing fight. The type of clothing for amateur boxers is generally different from the type of clothing that is meant for the professional boxers. The mandatory clothing requirements for all the boxers who participate in the sanctioned fights are hand wraps, soft soled shoes, gloves, groin protectors and mouth guards.

The shorts that are worn by amateur boxes are generally the ones that have been approved by the concerned sanctioning body. However, in case of professional boxing, the fighters are given the authority to make selection with respect to the design and the color of their shorts. Thus, in the case of professionals the choice of shorts for the fighters is generally not regulated. Therefore, some of the boxers even choose to get their name embroidered on the shorts and on other given instances, the logos of the sponsors or the sanctioning bodies may be present on the shorts of a particular fighter. Some of the professional boxers may prefer to wear very simple and rather plain shorts while others prefer elaborate shorts. Most of the modern generation of prefers to wear shorts with loose fitting. This is because they wish to have an improved movement and comfort level.

The tank tops shirts are preferred generally by the amateur boxers and the professional women boxers. The mandatory requirement in case of amateur boxers is that the color of their sleeveless shirt and headgear should be similar to the color of the corner that has been assigned to them. Most of the professional boxers are required to fight without a headgear and also bare-chested. Short sleeved shirts are generally allowed for the female boxers who fall in amateur ranks. The female boxers are also allowed to wear a chest protector.

A mouthpiece is generally required for all the boxers. The construction of this mouthpiece is generally regulated by the sanctioning body as well as the fighters themselves. It is important for all the boxers to have a foul protector if they are participating in sanctioned bouts. This is important as it can ensure the protection of the groin as well as the lower abdomen.

And although all the boxers have to wear gloves, the amateur boxers can only make use of the approved gloves. In case of the amateur boxers, the inspection of the gloves is made by the representatives of the sanctioning as well as by the opponent’s corner.

Soft soled shoes are required to be worn by all the boxers. These shoes play a very important role in the minimizing of the damage that can happen as a result of either intentional or accidental stepping on feet.

There are forceful and repetitive punches involved in boxing as a sport, therefore it is also important for the boxers to take all necessary precautions so that they are able to prevent any damage to the bones of the hand. In order to ensure the same, the boxers generally make use of the necessary equipment.

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