Clothes in French

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Fashionablea la mode
Ringlanneau/la bague
Casual Jacketle blouson

Bootla botte
Earringsles boucles doreille
Beltla ceinture
Hatle chapeau
Sockla chaussette
Shoesla chaussures
Shirtla chemise
Tightsle collant
Necklacele collier
Colourle couleur
Tiela cravate
To Removeenlever/oter
Glovele gant
Jeansle jean
Skirtla jupe
Sunglassesles lunettes de soleil
Swimsuit/Trunksle mallot de bain
Coatle manteau
Make-Uple maquillage
Fashionla mode
Watchla montre
Tissue/Hankyle mouchoir
Pairla paire
Trousersla pantalon
Umbrellale parapluie
Pocketla poche
Jumperle pull
Pyjamasle pyjama
Dressla robe
Lipstickle rouge a levres
Bagle sac
Handbagle sac a main
Sandalle sandale
Shortsle short
Trunksle slip de bain
Sweatshirtle sweat-shirt
Jacketla veste
Clothesles vetements
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