Close Relationships in Something’s Gotta Give

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In the 2003 movie Something’s Gotta Give wherein Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson starred in a romantic comedy film about finding love in a time when you are old already and ready to settle down all the things in your life into place. A story of love found between two people entirely opposite with each other. In this movie, there are certain theories which arise as subject of analysis and deliberation of thoughts.

Two different love stories were the main attraction of the film wherein Harry is in his 60s and is committed with Marin, the daughter of Erica, a playwright who in some turn of the events would fall in love with Harry. Young and old they are, their love stories were able to give justice to different social theories studied in Eliot Aronson’s Social Psychology. Marin and Harry love affair was ended because of the blooming relationship with Harry and Erica that somehow caused pain to Julian, the doctor of Harry who fell in love with Erica. There are six theories present in the interchanging love story in the movie.

Companionate love which describes the relationship of Harry and Erica since they learned to like each other’s company and soon turn to like each other and fall in love so deeply despite of their opposing views in life. Second, Passionate love which is seen when then two separated ways and suddenly saw each other in a restaurant wherein Harry is with someone that caused pain to Erica thinking that her lover for him was reciprocated. However we could also used this theory to explain the pain of Julian that Erica was never in love with him and his love for her can never be returned.

The third theory which is the Complementarity that describes the attraction we feel for the people opposite to us which were felt by the two protagonists to each other. Fearful Avoidant style on the other hand was seen in the time when they were in the restaurant and despite of Harry’s explanation about the woman he was with, Erica never believed and when they saw each other again in the rehearsal of the play, Erica somehow implied that she is finally closing the doors for him and getting a life of her own.

The last two theories were the Propinquity effect and Secure attachment style which both talks about the people and the way they interact with each other. The former somehow explains the first meeting of Erica and Harry wherein they both do not like each other but soon resulted to become friends and learned to like each other due to the tine spent together and the discoveries they knew about each one of them.

On the other hand, the latter is the attachment of Erica to Harry that seeing him with another woman hurts her the most however, the two decided to somehow become friends and celebrate their birthdays in Paris together. These theories were seen in the movie as the primary ways of being able to go along with the flow of the society and how people were able to interact with each other and form relationships.

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