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Set up a safety anchor, so they know they will always be safe Have the client close their eyes and imagine they are sat in a movie theatre and looking at a blank screen Have the client leave his body and float up to the projection booth and from there they can observe himself sitting in the theatre and the blank screen Have the client watch the event from the booth first, but ask them to start the movie/event minis fore the main event happens Once the movie has finished ask the client how they feel about the movie.

If they had discomfort then ask him to make the screen black and white or fussy or silly sound to allow their aspect of the movie change Ask the client to float down to their body and enter it. Ask them to look at the screen with their younger self frozen still and step into the younger selves Once that has happened they rewind himself in the movie at a fast speed and experience the feeling, smell, visual and sound throughout the movie until hey get back to the start of the event During the process I will be firing the safety anchor Ask client to open their eyes to break state and test Ask client to try and re-experience the event 2.

Communication Is constant The way you communicate elicits a response People reply to their perceived sense of reality, as opposed to what’s really going on. There should be variety. An element with the most flexibility is usually the control element within a system People make the best choice available to them All behaviors are constructive in some way There is structure in experience. We can achieve anything if it is broken down into small bits Usually we have most of what we need We do not fail.

We try and improve is feedback When thing are out of control, not pushing you forward, make a left or right turn and try another route 3. To begin with I would create an Anchor in regards to a state of good rapport with my client. When things are flowing at their greatest I would set an Anchor that I could use at a later moment in time when the rapport may not be as strong. I personally SE the movement of leaning in toward my client in a slightly exaggerated way… I must note that this anchor is combined with a deep audible breath and the motion of sitting back in my chair.

I suppose you could say that I’ve stacked these anchors to make the state of relaxation Anchor… I do all three at once while utilizing the molasses AT slang Ana sound. Logging my clients Is not always appropriate. But It Is also not always necessary as the way that I am using also works well. Other areas to use Anchors are in replacing unwanted behavior or reactions with a more desirable Tate of being undesired state and really listening as well as watching for nonverbal clues to see how this desire has change in them.

I would have them each “chunk it down” into smaller details I would use the state of excellence. Teach the client how to improve their life with the circle of excellence. Then I would use the technique call changing personal history to help them see that first situation in a different light or way. And lastly I would us an anchor and this anchor is for confidence, so that the client can assess unlimited confidence at any time.

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