Chromosomes and Meiosis Terminology

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Meiosis 1Reduction division
Meiosis 2Copying division
Homologous chromosomesChromosomes that are the same shape, the same size and contain the same type of genetic information

Centosome2 centrioles at right angles to each other and former spindle threads
CentromereHolds 2 chromatids together in a chromosome
RecombinantsInner chromatids of a homologous pair of chromosomes that have exchanged genetic material
Independent assortmentThe random order that homologous chromosomes line up on the equator during metaphase 1
Diploid2 sets of chromosomes , one set from the mother and one set from the father
GameteSex cell
ZygoteFertilised egg
MicrosporangiumPollen sac
HaploidOne set of chromosomes, from the mother or the father
Genetic variationDifferent combinations of genes in cells
InterphaseThe phase in a cells life cycle where it is performing its normal function
DNA replicationDNA molecules make an identical copy at the end of Interphase
Somatic cellBody cell
Cytoplasmic cleavageCytoplasm splits into 2 daughter cells
Crossing overThe exchange of parts of the inner chromatids of a homologous pair of chromosomes during Prophase 1
BivalentA pair of homologous chromosomes
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