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As said previously the aim of the new venture is for the store to be fully operational within 6 months. I have decided to open the store at the end of October 2006 which will mean that work begins at the end of May 2006. I have chosen this date because I believe that it is an ideal opportunity for the store to open when people want to start buying Christmas gifts. People will be shopping at discover trentham for unusual and different gifts for people and will see the Boots store and maybe make use of the 3 for 2 Christmas promotion that occurs annually at Christmas in all Boots stores.

To fulfill this aim it is crucial that some objectives are made so that the whole 6 months are fully planned out which will then result in the store being open in October. The objectives are all SMART targets, I have labeled how the first objective is SMART but the following objectives are in normal form. Where we are at the moment, the Boots store is a bare shell. The exterior is built like the other stores in the location which in this case are like Swiss chalets. Therefore the first objective would be to get the first crucial interior building done.

The first objective consequently will be to – 1. Have the lighting, heating, plumbing and flooring done first within four weeks completed by the end of the month. Here is how the target applies to SMART – Specific – The objective applies to the 4 operations that need to be done first Measurable – It is measurable because there is a time limit of one month, so if it takes longer it can be measured how much longer it has taken. Achievable – It is achievable because there are no obstacles preventing them from being completed, they are the first things that need to be done before anything else.

Realistic – One month is a realistic time limit in the overall 6 month operation Time – The time is the one month. All of the things needed to be done to fulfill the four tasks need to be scheduled and completed within that month. The further objectives are as follows – 2. To create a floor plan and create that within the store in 4 weeks to be completed by the end of the month. (June) This means that fixtures and fittings need to be ordered, installed and finished within a month after the first objective is fulfilled.

This can be done by outside contractors so whilst this objective is being achieved further objectives done by Boots staff can happen at the same time. 3. Recruit and train existing staff for the new store within 3 weeks to be completed by the end of the month (July) It is crucial that the right blend of staff is chosen for the new store. The workforce need experienced Boots staff that will be able to guide new staff and train them to also be experienced. Therefore the staff that are needed are as follows – 1 experienced pharmacist 1 experienced health assistant

1 experienced baby department assistant 1 experienced I. T staff. The i. t. staff may only be employed for the technology installation but they are crucial. Someone experienced needs to set up the tills and epos system which is also vital as it will be used as an automatic ordering system whereby low stock is automatically ordered. 4. Recruit and train new staff within 3 weeks to be completed by the months end. (August) New staff will need to be recruited, these will include part time and Saturday staff who will need less training than full time but will be a vital part of the team.

It will be a good idea to recruit these people a good month before opening so that they can be trained within the new store so that they are familiar. 5. Order 100% of stock and distribute it to the shelves within the store within a month, this must be completed in the last day of the month (September) The stock range needs to be determined way in advance of opening. The store is going to be relatively small so they will not have the same range as a larger store. Therefore the stock that is sold needs to be those that are wanted by the local residents and the everyday visitors to the site.

Once the stock has arrived it needs to be put onto the shelves which can take a while as there will be thousands of items to be put onto the shelves. 6. Prepare the store for opening within 1 month to be completed by the beginning of October The store will need to be cleaned at fully prepared for opening on the opening date which will be at the end of October. Promotion will need to be distributed to ensure people are aware of the opening and that the opening is a success. This will be done by delivering 10,000 leaflets door to door throughout surrounding areas in Stoke-on-Trent.

Everything needs to be perfect for the opening day 7. Set opening and closing times within 2 weeks to be completed by the end of October. Before the first day of trading, it needs to be determined what the opening and closing times for the store will be. Some days will have different opening and closing times. Mainly the store will be expected to open at 9. 00am except from a Sunday when it will open at 11. 00am. Closing times will vary but mainly be 5. 30pm except from closer to Christmas when people are late night shopping so then the store will close later to make time for more trading.

If all of these objectives are fulfilled then the aim of being fully operational within 6 months can realistically be achieved. When the new store is open it will have effect on things such as sales, profit and market share on Boots as a whole. This store is an a totally different place that a Boots store would be typically situated, therefore a new audience may be reached thus resulting in more sales because a public that may have never shopped at Boots store are now shopping there which is obviously more sales and revenue coming into the Boots organisation as a whole.

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