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The UK’s economy has been booming every year. This mean people are getting higher incomes, and this is good for the business, as people will not consider coffee or desserts as high price items, making them a safe-buy item. * Coffee has become a very popular beverage, in fact social groups will be more interested in drinking coffee than tea, juices, or cold drinks; and non-coffee drinkers would have social pressure if they wouldn’t drink it, because they would feel uncomfortable around their drinking group.

Coffee drinking has become very fashionable, making people more attractive to it. Coffee has become extremely popular amongst different groups. Businessmen now tend to meet over a coffee to talk shop, lovers sip slowly and teenagers pretend they are studying. It has become fashionable to meet for a coffee and coffee consumption is on a steep curve upwards. Because coffee is addictive, and the cafes that provides it are rather fashionable and comfortable to be in.

Other reason about coffee being popular in Britain might be the weather, in other words, coffee makes you hot and gives you energy, and this is what you need when you live in a cold weather country, such as the weather of Great Britain.  Obesity is leading people away from McDonald’s and fast food restaurants, making coffee shops (and cafes) a better choice for people, as coffee does not contain cholesterol, fat or grease. Coffee is a portable beverage; meaning that it can be taken anywhere without restrictions. (Some beverages, for example: Beer, cannot be taken to some offices).

Conclusion: I think my business would be successful because of the lack of competition, and the innovating idea of mixing two businesses together (Internet + Cafi?? ) will surely cause an attraction to Colwyn Bay’s shoppers. Risks might be hackers, but this could be controlled by installing anti-hacking software onto the computers. Also circuit breakdowns could be controlled by monthly supervision by technicians; computers which are malfunctioning could be replaced or repaired. In the cafi?? kitchen fires might start, so fire extinguishers should be purchased and also fire alarms should be set.

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