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The outstanding corporations would prefer to spend great efforts in seeking the current emend, potential need and new requirement of the industry. As a new industry, Smart Home Industry is on the starting-up stage. And the consumption concept is not yet formed. Along with the promotion and development of Smart Home market, the market potentials should be enormous and blooming. Therefore, the outstanding Smart Home corporations in China are placing more importance on the research of the industry market, especially the depth research of industry development environment and customers.

Accordingly, many splendid domestic corporations are springing up and become leaders in Smart Home Industry gradually! Basing on the market data of industrial textile market, which tracked and collected by Forward in long-term, and applying the international scientific analysis model, this China_Smart_Home_laundry_Development_P respect_and_elements_Opportunities_Rope art 2013-2017-libber By bannock comprehensively and accurately.

This report will analysis Smart Home Industry from three parts as follows: firstly, the history, development progress and current development environment of Smart Home Industry would be contained; secondly, there will be an analysis of the market status, competition, balance between supply ND demand, market channels and suppliers’ strength; lastly, the demand status of application field would be included in order to provide potential investment risks and investment strategies.

The most significant features of this report are perceptiveness and timeliness. It gives a prudent analysis and forecast of Smart Home Industry according to the industry development track and Forward’s years of practical experience.

In conclusion, it is a significant report to learn about the latest development trend, grab market opportunities, and make correct marketing decision and explicit corporations’ placement trend for all Smart Home manufacturers, R institutes, agency, system integrators, engineering suppliers, private equity investors, risk investors and strategy investors of public companies. Besides, it is the first weighted report to give a comprehensive and systematic analysis about the upstream and downstream industrial chain, as well as key corporations in Smart Home Industry.

This report is useful for all Smart Home manufacturers, R institutes, agency, system integrators, engineering suppliers, private equity investors, risk investors and strategy investors of public companies for he following reasons: it will help them to accurately know the latest development trend and timely discover the market gaps, opportunities, growth points and profit points of industrial textile industry; it will assist them to grasp the unmet market demand and development trend prospectively, form the sustainable advantages, avoid the investment risks effectively, consolidate or expand relevant strategic target markets more efficiently, and firmly grasp the competition initiative.

Here, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Intelligent Building Committee f China Construction Industry Association, The Smoother Decoration Committee of China, State Information Center, Bureau of Statistics of China, General Administration of Customs, International Information Research Institute, Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation, Twisting University Library, Development Research Center of the State Council and Beijing Essence Forward Research Center, for their great support when we conduct this report! Notice: All the market data, especially corporations’ ranking data in the report, only for business reference. Please do not take the data for enterprise publicity. Thank Special Notes: Neglecting the subtle signals of dramatically changing external environment, and untimely update strategies along with the changing environment will lead to the loss of competition advantages. The successful corporations will keep a scientific analysis upon the external environment before making their significant operational strategies!

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