Children often keep a box of special things

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When I was a child I used to have a special box, which was really valuable for me. It was really beautiful. It was purple with white hearts everywhere and a little mirror in the middle of the lid. Inside of it, it was covered with a pink silk cloth. This gave a wonderful feeling when I opened it. Inside of it, I kept many things that were very important to me. I knew that there, they would be protected. It was full of different things. It was quite difficult to put the lid on and in that way close it.

There I kept my favorite toys of when I was a little girl. There were among other toys, Barbie dolls, of all kinds, when she was a nurse, a teacher, a housekeeper, etc. Apart from this, I also kept there some of my photos, which I really liked to see and remembered those experiences. There was one of the first time I rode my bike. I was just five years old and my bike was green and red. There was another one with my little dog called Candy when I was six years old.

Inside of that treasure box I also kept some stamps of Cinderella, Snow White, Tom and Jerry and Bugs Bunny which were my favorite cartoons. There was also some jewellery, which were presents from my aunt and grandmother, such as bracelets and rings. I remember the first time I went to the cinema with my mum and my sister. We went to see the movie “Manuelita” and I kept the cinema ticket in that beautiful box. When I went to kindergarten we used to sing many songs, some of which I recorded in a cassette.

Those cassettes and the logo of the kindergarten, where I attended, were also inside of that special case. One of the most important things which were inside of it, were my ankle socks. They were pink and they were made by my grandmother before I was born. They were so beautiful and tender that they were the most valuable things for me. All in all, things that made my childhood unforgettable were kept in a box really well decorated.

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