Change and the Management of Change

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Nature of Changelessly Strategies for Management Globalization-Increasing interdependence for countries’ economies through free trade and multinational company investment New opportunities to sell products in other countries Increased competition from products made more cheaply in other countries-often by multinationals Use either pan-global marketing for localization strategies Achieve and try to maintain a competitive advantage Technological Advances-Leading to new products and new processes Products: new computer games, pods and phones, hybrid-powered cars. Processes: robots in production; computer assisted design (CAD) in design offices and computer systems for stock control.

Staff retraining Purchase of new equipment Additions to product portfolio-other products may be dropped Need for quicker product development which may require new organizational structures and teams Macro-Economic Change- Fiscal Policy, Interest Rates, Business Cycle Changes in consumers’ disposable incomes-and demand patterns that result from this Boom or recession conditions- need for extra capacity or rationalism Need for flexible production systems (staff legibility) to cope with demand changes Explain need for extra capacity or need to rationalize Deal with staff cutbacks in way that encourages staff who remain to accept change Legal Changes Changes to what can be sold Working hours and conditions Staff training on company policy Flexible working hours and practices Competitors’ Actions New products Lower prices Heeler promotional Educates Encourage new Ideas Trot start Increase efficiency by staff accepting need to change production methods Ensure resources available to meet challenge Environmental Factors Increase green consumerism

Their role is to explain the benefits of change and assist and support the team putting change into reactive Project Groups Created by an organization to address a problem that requires input from different specialists Promote Change . Establish a sense of urgency. Create an effective project team to lead the change. 2. Develop a vision and a strategy for change. 3. Communicate this change vision. 4. Empower people to take action. 5. Generate short-term gains from change that benefit as many people as possible. 6. Consolidate these gains and produce even more change. 7. Build change into the culture of the organization so that it becomes a natural 8. Process.

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