Chad Reed – The Biggest Name In The Super Cross Motorcycle Racing

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The history of Super Cross Motorcycle Racing has witnessed major stars like Ricky Carmichael and Jeremy McGrath and people remember them over other professional and talented racers like Chad Reed. Based in Australia, he is among the first of the few racers in the list of successful non-American racers however very less known to the sport lovers. Chad got the right atmospheres in Australia where this form of racing has gained extreme popularity. He learned the basics of the game from Australia and started his career by winning the prestigious Australian Super Cross Championship.

Later, Chad participated in European Supercross Series and finally decided to realize his dreams by coming to USA. He became a member of Team Yamaha and credentials start flowing around. First, he won the East Coast Supercross Champion, a major highlight in his career and start of his upcoming wins to shock the sport fraternity. However, the Australian super star faced tough times also. In 2003, the stakes were high on Reed to win the championship however the last round face off with Ricky Carmichael saw him losing the champion ship. Despite of winning more races than other top competitors, he failed at the last moment.

History was again repeated in 2006 when he lost to Ricky. However, Chad suffered from a major shoulder injury which promoted him to perform less than his ability in AMA Supercross Championship and lose by 2 points to Ricky and came very close to win the championship. At a personal front, he lives in Date city, Florida with his wife and enjoys hobbies like water sports, playing blackjack, and golfing. His web site clearly conveys his love for the super cross motorcycle racing and considers it as a part of his life rather than his job, and this has motivated him to stay stronger in tough times and enjoy it also.

The web site is the best place to gather more information about this Australian super star with regards to his professional career and personal life information. The web site is also boosted with links to official auto graphed merchandise show casing historical items like auto graphed books and even plain t-shirts for sport lovers. Sport lovers can cherish and support Chad and look fab and stylish.

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