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In this product I chosen is the best way to sell to my certain customers. Also I fund that this type of drinks are the easiest way to create and its affordable prices. The quality of the product is very important, in order to have returning customers they must feel satisfied with the product. I manage to meet these requirements by making sure production lines are run correctly and to a high standard. The taste and style of the products from my cafe is to increase the perceived value as customers believe it to be part of a larger scale and increase brand equity.

I am hoping by do this thing in my product they will buy future products on the quality of my cafe. All of this thing are called Branding is controlled by the marketing team and is devised to try and establish them and familiarise with the audience. Successful branding will help me to sales increase. This is why I have taken this seriously and working on this on the good impression for my products to make sure that all customers coming and buy my product would be happy. Place The location of my business is referred as the place decision.

Decisions must be made as to whether it is a retail or wholesale, how many participants there will be in the distribution process and in which physical locations each of the types of the product will be made available. Also is very important as it needs to be where there are lots of passers by, have easy access, good parking facilities and have little nearby competition. I have chosen the place where I will be renting out and I have phoned up the Halifax estate agency where they have confirmed with me that I can pay the rent monthly if that is how I chose to pay it, and I have.

I will pay i?? 1,100 every month. The place is in Town centre in Birmingham so it is in the part of Birmingham Council and because it has two floors I could place seating upstairs and have a take away service downstairs. It is necessary that I have my cafi?? in town because otherwise I would not get any business. I listed my competitors in my secondary research section and I know that I have to offer something more. They were very helpful and showed me some locations that would be suitable for my Cafi?? including information such as: sizes of property, prices and previous uses.

So my cafe will be located in City centre in Birmingham. The location will feature authentic Oriental style of decorations and furniture’s. The Cafe will be equipped with a some sound system connected to a jukebox where my customers will be able to select their favourite songs for free. The cafe will be built up to the prototype specifications, clean lines, open and pleasing to the customers. The Cafi?? will be open Tuesdays to Sundays from 9:00 – 15:00 for break fast and lunch time and 18:00 – 23:00 for dinner.

I have chosen these opening times because I believed that these days and times are the real busiest point of the week. Opening the cafe for lunchtime and dinner time is good. There are many people in working class will go out for breakfast and lunch to drinks hot and cold drinks and eat bread which is sandwiches, and this is a good opportunity to gain customers. Opening this business at night has much better opportunity to gain customers. There are so many people going out in the evening to enjoy and have party. This is the best time to attract and gain customers.

When I opening my cafi?? at night maybe I will sell more to my cafi?? like wines and beer – I sell this product only when I open my cafi?? at night because people at this time like buy alcohol drinks. Price Price is very important for marketing. If the price is not right customers will buy rival products/services therefore if customers are lost it results in lost revenue but it can also be lost if the price is too low because no profit will be made or income to cover costs. There must be a balance between revenue and profit.

There must also be a balance between being competitive and being profitable. In this part of Marketing Mix, I will offer a good product and service in a very affordable price. My customers can choose from a wide selection of Hot/ cold drinks and food that can suite their taste and style. So in my primary research through my questionnaire I asked how much you are willing to spend on one cup of coffee. 76% of people showed they are willing to pay between 50p – i?? 1. 00 cup of coffee. Therefore I will be placing my product just below the higher end at 60p+.

By placing the price in the section I will be meeting a large amount of the audiences needs and be cheaper than what some people are willing to pay. I think this price is reasonable for the product as it has a lot of characteristics and doesn’t look like a cheap product. I am hoping this price will help the sales of the product increase as it is reasonable and not too expensive. Below also is a sample of the menu for my cafi?? , prices were set by looking at prices for assorted other cafes, this is called competitive pricing.

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