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Charity Does Not Have the Effect Christians Want

November 23, 2017

There is much conjecture about whether charity really helps those in need or whether it promotes laziness and keeps them poor. People that believe that the giving of charity works, argue that underprivileged societies would suffer more than they have without it. Perhaps recognising that just giving money to poor people will promote laziness, many […]

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Reflections on the Mystery of Suffering

November 19, 2017

The theme of the Stauros Notebook is “Reflections on the Mystery of Suffering. ” Over the past several months we have examined suffering as it is related to the violence of our times. In this issue we will consider suffering from a different angle. We will examine the Gospel of Mark and how it relates […]

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Handling babies

* When your baby is lying on its back, slide one hand under the lower back and bottom. Slide your other hand under the neck and head, going in from the opposite side. * Life the baby gently and slowly, so that its body is supported and the head can’t loll back. * Carefully transfer […]

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Discipleship Paper

Becoming a disciple involves many things, which are close to you therefore you must be rewarded in some way. The disciples were rewarded by receiving everything they had given up or lost hundred times over. “No-one who has left home or brothers or sisters or mothers or father or children or fields for me and […]

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Outline Catholic teaching on wealth and poverty

Christians believe that wealth is a gift from God which can be used for either good or evil, so in itself is not a bad thing, it is our attitude towards wealth and material possessions that is at the heart of the issue. Consequently having the wrong attitude towards money can lead you away from […]

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Edmond Dantes the Mythological Hero of our Time

Mythological heroes are not always seen in modern times, but Edmond Dantes can be considered one. Dantes was first shown to the reader as a naive, slender, young man, who his whole manner gave evidence to his calmness and his liability. As he is freed from prison he returns as a new man, who acquires […]

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Outline Christian teaching on wealth and poverty

Christians believe that wealth is neither completely harmful nor beneficial. While wealth can be advantageous to those in need (like building foundations for the homeless,) it can also promote corruption in our world, providing the incentive for some to abuse their wealth (such as buying weapons to commit violent acts.) To find these Christian teachings, […]

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Heartache- Kids In The Way

This song is about someone dying then becoming alive again. A lot like reincarnation, but not becoming a different creature or plant. Just the soul of the body, like their ghost. They came back to life and looking back on their life and what mistakes they have made. “You rose from the ashes” The ghost […]

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Baptism in Christianity

Modern Christianity offers a number of different approaches to baptism. But the two main kinds are, infant baptism, where very young children are baptized in a font. And believer’s baptism, where a person, old enough to understand the obligations of baptism are baptised in a shallow pool called a baptistery. Infant baptism is celebrated by […]

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Our Country’s Good

‘Our Country’s Good’ is based on events that occurred in the first penal colony to be set up in Australia in 1789. The play deals with the prisoners in the colony, who were imprisoned for minor infractions, while still in Britain. It tells of the abuse they endured at the hands of their officers, in […]

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