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he Send Off and The Drum

August 20, 2017

The Send Off and The Drum both explore the truths about war outlining the horrors and effects of war through language and poetic techniques. Owen attacks the understanding between those at home who promote war as a romantic, glorious and heroic exercise and dying for one’s country as an act of nobility and with this […]

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An Unpredicted New kind Of Warfare

World war one continued for four years across a vast and stretching from the English Channel to the northern Swiss border. In 1914 the prediction was that the war would be over by Christmas. At the beginning of the war, The Germans thought they could capture France before invading Russia therefore preventing a war on […]

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The Catcher in the Rye

To Holden, Mr. Antolini represents the only adult that is concerned for him. Holden takes a genuine interest in what Mr. Antolini has to say, even trying to stop himself from yawning, whilst he is speaking. There is a deep respect for his teacher’s intelligence and Holden shows he can respect authority, by referring to […]

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To what extent does Breaker Morant seem to legitimise war crimes

“I will face my God,” writes Handcock on the eve of his execution, “with the firm belief that I obeyed and served my King as I thought best. ” Breaker Morant, directed by Bruce Beresford, seeks to excuse his protagonists, portraying them as victims of the British military. By drawing our attention to the injustices […]

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Air Attack

1) Many measures were taken in Bexley to protect people from the effects of air attack. Firstly, Britain introduced the post of ARP (air raid precautions) wardens to all places where people lived. The wardens would have to know exactly where different people in their neighbourhood lived so that in the event of air attack […]

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Catcher in the rye

Catcher in the rye has for over 50 years become one of the most talked about books that has received a cult following from teenagers and adults who feel disgruntled with society. The books success is not just owed to the style it was written in but almost as much to the context of the […]

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Which of Wilfred Owens poems do you particularly admire and why

Personally I do not have a particular interest in war poetry, so when I was faced with this essay question I feared that I wouldn’t admire any of Wilfred Owens poetry. I was in fact wrong. My experience of war poetry was somewhat different to that of Owens. I believe this is due to the […]

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Compare and contrast the different attitudes towards war that you have studied in the Martin anthology

War has many different viewpoints. Some say that going to war is an adventure, and a way of becoming a hero, but others – usually those who have experienced it – say otherwise. Many people have written poetry on war – some advertising war as a good thing, and others recalling their harrowing experiences. Jessie […]

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Dulce et Decorum Est – Wilfred Owen and Suicide in the Trenches – Siegfried Sassoon

How horrible is war? The two writers Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon have had enough of war, and so these two men want to show the rest of the Untied Kingdom, war is not as it is set out to be. World War 1 was shocking and horrifying. Many, truly believed it was honourable to […]

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Charge of the Light Brigade and’Dulce et Decorum Est

The Crimean war started in 1853 and ended three years later in 1856. It was fought between Russia on one side and Turkey, France, Britain and Sardinia on the other. The fighting took place mainly in Turkey. The technology of the Crimean war was not that good. They used gunpowder, as it was one of […]

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