Cast Away

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Cast Away tells a story of Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks), a time-obsessed analyst, who travels worldwide resolving productivity problems at FedEx Depot. He devotes almost his life at Federal Express. On Christmas Eve, Chuck proposes a marriage to Kelly Fears (Helen Hunt) before boarding a plane. But a plane crash trapped Chuck in a remote island. His fast life turns to slow down, being only one in the island, finding him becoming a best friend to volleyball named Wilson. And must find away to return to the civilization and to his girlfriend Kelly.

Cast Away reunites both Academy Award winner Robert Zemeckis (Director) with his Forrest Gump star Tom Hanks (Actor) in a story of survival. Tom Hanks did a superb job carrying the film all by himself. The movie focus in a remote island Chuck Noland trapped in, a Time and motion man find himself in a world without clock, without schedules and deadlines. The crash is one of the most intense, terrifying plane scenes in Hollywood, The cinematographer and the director really did a great job so the audience feel the storm and the horror on that scene.

But the use FedEx brand name may have an excessive exposure in the film, which made the film look like a movie commercial though FedEx paid nothing for the product placement in the film. Even though the almost two-thirds of the film was shot in an island with Tom Hanks alone, Cast Away did not make the viewers yawn. Tom Hanks really did a great job bringing the film, he keep most viewers attention riveted right up to the very end. Without Tom Hanks and his incredible performance, Cast Away may become uninteresting film.

The film did not just entertain us, it educates us like how to start a fire out of woods, to substitute coconut as water, and to be resourceful on things around you. There are also some lessons to be learned, like how we strive and value time, and to appreciate the things that matter most. Cast Away was filmed on Monurki, one of the Mamanuca island in Fiji. After the film was releases the island became a tourist attraction. Tom Hanks gained fifty pounds to be look like a middle-aged man, production was stop for a year that allows Hanks to lose some pounds and to grow hair and beard to be look like he really lives on that island.

Hanks really show passion while the movie was filming Cast Away get a nomination in Oscars for Best Actor and Best Sound but bagged nothing, they have 15 wins and 21 nomination in other major film awards including Golden Globe, where Hanks won as Best Actor. Cat Away earned $400 million dollars worldwide, they receive a 7. 9 rating from imdb. com and 90% fresh tomatoes from rottemtomatoes. com. It just show the film did survive in Hollywood.

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