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How did Bill Hurrah and Buggy Siegel change the face of Lass Vegas to what it is today? What are some of their ideas that are still used within hotels/casinos today? Bill Hurrah was one of the first to introduce corporate management philosophies in operating a casino. Buggy Siegel was the first to modernize the casino industry with d©core of the casino/hotel with a Miami or Hollywood flashy style rather than the western theme Lass Vegas was accustom to. 2.

What did Howard Hughes successfully do to change the way casinos are now wend within Lass Vegas? After Hughes’ entry into gaming, a Corporate Gaming Act was passed in 1969 by Novena’s gaming regulators. Prior to the passage of this act, every owner of a casino was required to be individually licensed. With public corporations, licensing of thousands of stockholders was impractical. The Corporate Gaming Act allowed publicly traded corporations to own casinos without requiring every single stockholder to be licensed (Casino Operations Management, 2005). 3.

What are the ways Nevada and New Jersey control casino gaming and gambling thin their respected states? Whether in Nevada, Atlantic City, or Deadwood (South Dakota), gaming control has three common objectives: 1 . To ensure that gaming is conducted honestly. This is accomplished by the prevention of cheating and fraud by both the casino’s customers and management. 2. To ensure that the industry is free from corruption and the involvement of organized crime. This is accomplished by preventing unsanitary or unsuitable persons from having any direct or indirect involvement in gaming. . To ensure that all taxes owed are properly paid. This is accomplished by maintaining strict control over the financial practices of the licensee (Casino Operations Management, 2005). 4. What are the roles and responsibilities of the gaming control board within Nevada? Responsibilities: Novena’s Gaming Commission has two primary responsibilities: (1) to enact all gaming regulations and (2) to serve as the final authority on all licensing and disciplinary matters.

The five members of the Commission are appointed by the governor to four-year terms. Roles: Investigations When an individual submits an application for a gaming license, the Investigations Division of the Board conducts a routine, but thorough, background investigation. Enforcement The Enforcement Division serves as the law enforcement arm of the Board. Each agent has police officer authority and routinely conducts undercover observations of gaming licensees.

Layout The Audit Division is the largest division of the Board. All agents hold accounting degrees, and the majority are certified public accountants. Every three years, each Group I and II licensee will be audited by Audit Division staff to determine whether the proper gaming and entertainment taxes were reported and whether compliance as been maintained with gaming regulations (Casino Operations Management, 2005). 5. What are the different gaming licenses and their purpose within Nevada and New Jersey?

Nevada gaming licenses are either restricted or non- restricted. Restricted If the applicant chooses to operate no more than 15 slots and no table or poker games, then a restricted license must be obtained. In addition, the machines must be incidental or adjunct to the primary business. Non-restricted An applicant wishing to operate more than 1 5 slots and/or one or more table games including poker) and/or a race book or sports pool must first obtain a non-restricted gaming license.

Two other types of gaming licenses qualify as non-restricted: a stand-alone race book or sports pool, and a slot route operator’s license. A slot route operator’s license allows the holder to place slot machines in licensed locations and share in profits without being named on the license issued to the location. Classifications of New Jersey’s State Gaming Licenses Unlike Nevada, Atlantic City offers only one type of gaming license, which is a non- stricter license that includes a requirement of at least 500 rooms before the license will be issued.

Licensing In addition to the companies, their officers, and principal owners, most employees in Atlantic City also have to be licensed. Three categories of employees must be licensed: Key License (category 1), Gaming License (category AAA), and Managing License (category b). Key License Includes casino and hotel policymakers, ranging from the general manager/president and casino manager to the pit bosses. On the hotel side, positions included range room the vice president of hotel operations to the director of food and beverage.

Gaming License Applies to those directly involved in the operation of the gambling: floor persons, dealers, become, and the like. Managing License Applies to those who work in a casino but are not directly involved in the play of the games, such as cocktail waitress, maintenance, mail delivery, or any Job that requires access to the casino floor (Casino Operations Management, 2005). (2005). Casino Operations Management. In l. John Wiley & Son, Casino Operations Engagement.

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