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The object oriented approach makes the process modeling quite simpler in nature by constructing the objects which represents real life features. It also brings forth data abstraction and encapsulation techniques. The security and reusability is also enhanced with the use of other object oriented features such as inheritance and polymorphism (Booch, 2003). Case Tools: Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) uses a set of tools like code generators, UML, data modeling techniques, configuration tools for the construction of the system (Hoffer, 2002).

They facilitate the development stages of the product at every stage to frame the particular scenario and design the requirements. Evaluation of application of case: The application of case makes sure that the following are taken care: • Increasing quality: The use of CASE makes sure that all the various requirements are taken care to its fullest extent and nothing is left out. It reduces errors and omissions at large scale.

The very inclusion of various requirements reduces system maintenance. • Better documentation: The CASE by default assists maintenance and enhances documentation standards and ad-hoc reporting. Conclusion The importance of the methods can be traced for any organization that rests on determining the best possible case for getting the information and the business process on paper so that they are able to have a productive method for getting the resources utilized.


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