Carr’s Argument

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The challenge now is to make end-users comfortable with the new format and new features. This can be an exhilarating experience for some while at the same time it can be frustrating for some who struggle to keep with constant modifications in the system. There is no need to elaborate on the importance of security. In the world of e-Business there are two major groups that require protection from security breaches and other failures.

The first group is comprised of business owners and corporations who will lose more than money in the event that their system has been compromised. The second group includes the customers who will not be encouraged to try out this product or transact with this particular company if they sense that they could not achieve confidentiality in all transactions. This is especially important for transactions requiring the use of credit cards or information about the identity of the customer.

In the Information Security Management Handbook Deograt-Lumy and Naldo provided a glimpse into the destructive capabilities of intruders and they remarked, “This action ranges from a reconnaissance attempt to map any existence of vulnerable services, exploitation/real attack, and finally embedding of backdoors. Such a malicious process can result in the creation of an illegal account with administrator privileges upon the victim machine” (2005, p. 5).

The impact of a successful intrusion into the company’s data servers can be fully understood upon consideration that in the past the only way to gain access to the company’s secrets is to employ a corporate spy or to bribe an employee of the targeted organization. If this does not work the last resort would be to hire someone that can break-in and steal voluminous company dossiers. In the 21st century, a professional hacker can do the same damage without having to expose himself and he can creep into the system and data mine it for valuable data.

All this can be done in a remote location and possibly executed using wireless technology (Mason ; Newcomb, 2001, p. 74). In the past a highly skilled and highly motivated thief can penetrate the most secure facility just so he can get something that can earn him a ton of money. If done in the dead of night there is very little that can be done to someone who knows what he is doing (see Wylder, 2004, p. 6-8).

Today, the same unscrupulous character can come in and wreak havoc but this time more difficult to apprehend because the thief is not physically present and virtually invisible to the naked eye. The action can be done through electronic signals that can be done through wires or wireless applications. At any rate those who cannot detect the intrusion are helpless in this type of onslaught. Special mention will be made here regarding a controversial idea being advocated by Nicholas Carr of Harvard Business School.

Based on the problems, challenges, and limitations brought about by IT infrastructure, Carr argues that IT infrastructure does not significantly contribute any strategic advantages for a company. He based his ideas in a study made on the evolution of railways from a much coveted technology to something that has become routine. This made Carr to conclude that in the near future, computers will become so standardized that it will offer no significant strategic advantage for any enterprise.

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