Capoeira – Unique Martial Arts Based Dance Theme

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Capoeira is considered as one of the rarest and unique type of martial arts based on music and lyrics combined with techniques and skills. The art is based in Brazil and evolved 400 years back and was mostly utilized by African slaves. The major aspects of this form include mixture of power, beauty, mental balance, physical power, music portrayed through a sense of art. The form of martial art is practiced by all the age groups and this is the reason it is considered as a social activity rich heritage and tradition. The concept of a unique combination of music and dance is one of the major attractions of this game which is like martial arts form.

The game version known as jogo is equipped with a sound combination of music and lyrics and different rhythms are symbol of different speeds. The physical structure of Jogo is based on a circle where players are inside and musicians are positioned outside the circle. The players enter with different types of stunning movements done with either spring or cart wheel. As the game advances, the visitors will notice different type of poetic dance and fighting sequences and aerial displays. The art is hard to master and requires vigorous practice and precision for the Capoeira techniques flawlessly and in the right way.

Because of its unique nature, Capoeira is considered as the most difficult to defend against. The idea of the game is creative and there are plenty of moves based on fast acrobatic style body and dance movements which grips the opponent from no where and turns the tide towards the player. The moves are considered risky and hence call for the game to be less popular in USA. However, it is offered and played as a life style part and are played on daily basis with 100 students learning it.

However, things have changed from the last decades and Brazil has already accepted this as the Nation Sport since 1974. It is believed that highly skilled and motivated dojos and more competitions involving Capoeira will only increase the knowledge base of future generations to learn more about this game and preserve it for long time.

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