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Capital Radio use I. C. T to promote their business online. They also use a lot of technology in their studio, for example to organise their play list of songs, to organise jingles and advert times. In the Advertising department they use ICT to listen to adverts to see if the adverts that are going to be used are ok to put on air. The Dj’s in the Studio have there own account on the computer in the Studio so they can read the emails the listeners have sent.

One of the most important things they use is a huge machine that can hold one of the biggest record collections In the world, This makes the Dj,s job easier to select songs for the listeners who want them. So they use ICT for that as well. ICT is important to Capital because every person who works there has their own computer so when they work it is less time consuming. Capital Radio uses ICT to record people’s interviews/demos of songs in their studio. The new generation of radio (DAB) has made Capital radio use ICT to make their station and owned stations to sound better.

A very important thing to Capital Radio are their share holders. They use ICT so that they can show if their shares go up or go down, on the internet. They use ICT on their website to give people news updates, Music news, and Company info. They allow people to post their thoughts about the radio station and let people listen online. The Viewers can even listen to past show or listen live. The information needed for each system The information that is needed is: Programs like Microsoft Office, so they can operate.

The Advertising part of Capital use PowerPoint to show presentations to others. They also need the database of companies that they communicate with. This is important because problems may occur in the studio that may have a problem with recording or so on. Also the System needs a database of all the employees. This is so they can keep records of pay, holidays and sick leave. The Hardware Used At Capital they use mostly basic hardware, like RAM, ROM, and Motherboard etc. But most of their systems now use video cards to present presentations to bosses and clients who want to sponsor Capital.

They also use Soundcards on their systems in the studios so they can be notified of emails and others alerts when songs are playing. The Application Software used Recording software: They use recording software in the studios by DJs and so they are able to record songs and interviews in the studio for later use. Outlook Express/Hotmail/Internet Explorer: They use this to be able to research things about the latest news on the internet plus it allows the DJ’s in the studio to receive Emails from listeners, and allows then to send back emails to.

Microsoft Office: Employees use office to type up reports, letters, posters and leaflets. This is a very important piece of software for Capital Radio. Sound Software: They need this kind of software, so that they can change the settings of the speakers in the studio. Call System: This is a kind of software that shows all the people who are calling into the studio. Explain why the organisation uses ICT and do not work manually. Capital radio use ICT and not work manually because the amount of work at capital is amazing.

They have to make newsletters and tickets to gigs, reports have to be made every month and work has to be done by the employees on the day they get it. If they worked manually, they would be in chaos. Firstly, it would take along time to write everything and secondly, if they needed to send something to someone immediately it would arrive too late, next day. But with email that can’t happen so if capital didn’t use email they would be in shambles!. How do the Hardware and Software meet the organisations need? The Software and hardware meet the organisations needs because it makes the jobs that the employees do at Capital, a lot easier.

They can keep a timetable on their systems to know what they need to do for each day. They can also get certain information/material from the shared networks for certain work they need to do. How does the System help the Company communicate and function more efficiently? The System at Capital makes the Company able to communicate and function more efficiently, because people can talk to each other simultaneously. The Management ensure the smooth running of the company. This means setting targets for the certain departments and gets the head of each department to report their progress.

If a problem occurs within the Company, they can gather certain people on the internet in video conferencing which allows people to communicate with each other more efficiently, so that the problem can be sorted out. It has less chance of causing a error again, because there is more people to help each other. This makes things more efficient because people don’t need to travel long distances to find the help they need. The IT department contains backup to very vital information on the database. So if the system is damaged, they can sort out the problem very quickly.

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