Can State Sponsored Terrorism Ever Be Eradicated Without War

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War can be one of the methods applicable in strategies against terrorism, but it is not the full story. In this era of global terrorism where all terrorist organizations are transnational in character, mere waging of a war against one or more countries sponsoring terrorism, does not serve the purpose. These organizations are well equipped with advance weaponry, communication systems and well elaborated methods of financing. Terrorism with all its facets can be effectively controlled but with global integrated efforts. (White, 2006).

War against Iraq: After 9/11 USA waged a full-fledged war against Iraq with little or no evidences of weapon of mass destruction and links with Al Qaeda. Iraq has been freed from a dictator and so called democracy has also been restored but still the violence is there. This occupation has done a little in direction of combat against terrorism. On the same time no evidence of WMD or links with Al Qaeda is proved. (Woods & Lacey, 2008) It is worth mentioning that USA has used war in her policy against Iraq as prime tool instead of using the global pressure against Saadam.

The same very method is used in Afghanistan. Resultantly, terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda were able to get the support of their people as against the disproportionate use of force against these countries. Hezbollah Umbrella: Hezbollah is a multi facet organization having its social, political and terrorist missions. For its people, it is the largest provider of social services and has recognition among those. (White, 2006). On its political front response is divided. It is a declared terrorist organization by 10 counties including USA and Israel.

Many Muslim countries condemn its terrorist activities whereas some recognize it as a genuine resistance against Israel. Now, Hezbollah umbrella presents a fine blend of political and terrorist organization and exhibits that its activities are terrorist and freedom fighting at the same time in eyes of different parties. Israel has used its powerful muscles against Hezbollah many times but it couldn’t provide the eradication of the same. No war can provide these results. However, a multiple negotiation as in case of Hamas would be a better approach.

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