Camborne Ices marketing mixes in Singapore

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Camborne Ices was established by John and Evans in 1988. The company produces and sells a wide variety of premium quality organic ice creams throughout Singapore. Now, with an attracting to the developing of Vietnamese ice creams, Camborne plan to explore and expand into Vietnam.

The purpose of this paper is discussing about the major marketing mix variables as classified, which are: Product, Price, Place (distribution) and Promotion. It will be refer to this company how the products are chosen and developed, the price range, places fir distribution and the promotional strategies could have to use to promote in this market.

In addition, it will also try to find out additional elements of marketing mix: People, Physical Evidence, and Process and give some suggestion to the Camborne Ices regarding to the marketing mix. The end of this paper is identify the different between international and domestic marketing, that can assist to company’s plan.

Marketing plan

New product development is chosen to and development to meet customers and the organization’s needs:

New product development based on great tasting high quality organic ice creams is the central to the growth of the company. Costumers always look for new and improve things which are why company should improve existing products and create new ones. The new ice cream flavors called “Spice Rack” and “Root Ginger Twist”, “Cracked Black Pepper”, “Cassia Spice” was launched and so successful in Singapore. In this target market, where food culture is influenced by Mexican, Chinese and Indian spicy food, many people like spicy flavor; or just because this new flavor brings a new experience about ice cream tasting, they will be attracted and satisfy with a new taste. These need products can easily meet the demand.

As there is a growth potential in Vietnamese ice cream market, Camborne ices plan to launch these new products to Vietnam. However, it is known a fact that not everyone buys or consumes the same product. These products can be successful in Singapore, where has high ice cream consumption and mostly in premium quality, but it might be different in Vietnam. The Vietnamese are likely to have a different taste. In the North Vietnam,\, people prefer ice cream with a milky, sweet or traditional flavors such as green bean, green rice, chocolate… while in Hochiminh City ( in the South), the favorite ice creams are which have fruit flavors like mango, strawberry… It seems to be difficult and big challenge for Camborne ices releases these new products in Vietnam. Another ice cream flavors may be more appropriate such as Mint chop Chip, Vanilla bean… but it does not mean people will not choose spicy flavor. Offering traditional taste ice creams, such as chocolate, fruit… will have a strong compete from existing competitors in Vietnamese market. Meanwhile, it can be a big breakthrough in Vietnamese market if company launching these spicy distinctive products. People could be easily attracted by a new experience about new flavor and they can mix them with another flavor to create a new delicious ice cream. In this condition, it would be better if company launch both kinds of taste products: Root ginger-with a weak spicy taste to differentiate to others and other traditional tastes ice cream to remain profit and gain market share at the same time.

Like other companies, the objectives of Camborne Ices are growth and profitable with the central growth is the creating a range which great tasting quality organic ice cream. In order to implement these objectives, company plans to develop organic ice cream to satisfy customers. In Singapore, they launched, they launched ‘Spice rack’ to satisfy customers’ needs who like chili flavor. Camborne Ices should do a research to find local’ taste and create more new products which satisfy customers’ needs and achieve organisation’s needs. In other words, by bringing to customers high quality organic ice cream, company not only meet the customers’ need but also have retention customers

The best way to organize distribution of product to provide optimum costumer convenience:

As Camborne Ices is a company that sells directly to distributors and retailers in Singapore, the company has experiences in building good relationship with them. In Vietnam, retailers and wholesalers will remain the major distributors throughout the Vietnamese market with intensive product distribution for company. Some of large successful distributors for Camborne Ices in the Vietnam (Hanoi, Hochiminh City…) would be Metro Cash & Carries, Saigon Co-op Marts, Fivimarts… From them, company can deliver products to smaller distributors, retailers or even end costumers.

Wall’s – an ice cream brand hold by Unilever, one of big competitor of Camborne Ices in Vietnam, also using successful this distribution channel in Vietnam recently. They have license agreement with Metro and Saigon Co-op marts to sell and distribute import Wall’s products in Vietnam and now they have a good business.

Because their costumers are nationwide and have middle and high income (mostly at urban area), so they have to arrange theirs retailers in every targeted city, especially in big cities and tourist areas. They have to create their branch in Hanoi, Hochiminh city, Danang, Nha Trang.etc and all the major cities of Vietnam so that one can get easy to delivery their product to every cities of country, provide quick and on time delivery to their distributors and retailers. Whenever they get order from the dealers, they can provide to their dealers from closest warehouse. Timely deliveries with correct order quantity and quality to their dealers are important elements in the company’s success and compete with other companies.

John and Evans, also plan to sells direct to consumers. Thus they have to use the method of 0 – level distribution channel, this means that costumers buy Camborne ice cream from Camborne Ices store its own. The company can operate company – owned stores or franchise stores in supermarkets, shopping malls, nearby school and college campuses, big streets, trading and tourist areas, etc. where people shopping, hang out frequently. The nearer the stores locate to their costumers, the more convenience they bring to. And when people feel convenience, they are willing to purchase the products.

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