Business Systems: An Introductory Managerial Perspective

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In management information systems the role of a supervisor is to over see the staff he/she has been appointed. This can be individuals who work on the shop floor or even factory floor during a shift of work. In order to be an excellent manager or supervisor he/she need to be in close touch with the work force that he/she is in charge of. Therefore to be able to do this the supervisor needs detailed information of the trades and skills of each employee to know what assignment or task to allocate the employees and to be able to monitor constantly the progress of the workshops.

In the case of this management information system the information need will be the workers curriculum vitae to see if the worker is qualified in skills such as maths and english and many more. Also it is important to know the employees medical status and to know what job to allocate. In example if an employee suffers from asthma I would not expect that employee to be working in the workshop of timber due to the illness it is not suitable and it is against the health and safety act.

These things need to be taken into account when information is being passed through the management information system. Another critical factor is stock levels and sales that happen for these organisations, they need to know when to process large stock. These are the main information supervisors need to including who to report to them selves. In order to know what information is needed over the Internet, Intranet and Extranet we need to know what they are.

The internet is the World Wide Web it’s a number of multiple networks connected together that can be accessed via telephone of different media devices. It’s used to share information around the world and it’s becoming even more popular everyday. The intranet is based on the internet and it is a private mini internet that is setup by organisations so that there employees can access it. The extranet is a multiple networks setup by the organisation linking it within the organisation and letting other organisations access certain information.

The type of information on the internet should be such as managerial files and employee files, intranets are authenticated with passwords and can be accessed in such a way, its private. The intranet can be accessed from home for managers so that managers can be able to praise employees and also employees that have higher level clearance can access this. It’s a secure way of communicating within the organisation. Also memos can be sent down the intranet.

The extranet is designed for mainly linking different locations of the organisations together also being able to let suppliers be able to access certain files such as databases and stock levels so that they can supply the organisations in this case the work shop information can be accessed them if allowed and given a passwords. The internet is for customers buying online and for recruitment and promotion of the organisations, in the main webpage they can have organisation history and feedback forms for market research.

Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transmitted within a certain amount of time, in example speed and capacity is the issue. The reason an upgrade will be suitable for the organisation is that if the bandwidth is increased the organisation performance will increase they will have more speed to access the internet and communication will be made much faster including the back up of data. Security is important to protect important data in the organisation and out side thieves. Log on names and passwords should allocated and also be able to protect their data and ideas from corporate sabotage.

This is one reason and it makes the workers safe and feels good. (Maslows Hierarchy of needs). Licensing is important if they are going to install software they need to buy licenses for every machine in the network, other wise they will be breaking the (copyright Act 1985 – renewed 1993) and they need to protect people’s information and comply with the (Data protection Act 1994 and renewed 1998). In this case I would recommend a machine that is fast long lasting and that has as much random access memory to run the latest software.

This machine will be reliable. The machine I recommend is a Dell Pentium 4 for Microprocessor Server, 80 -160 Gigabytes,1024 Ram and 3. 2Ghz Speed Clock, with a 15inch Tft flat Screen. The reason I recommend such a computer is that in this case a software producing company they need a very fast computer with much ram as possible to run the software, in example Cad and 3d Studio max are software to design graphics in enhanced mode for organisations for building, they take a lot of memory and speed to execute, this is why I recommended this.

Another reason for a huge hard drive is the Raid feature it will back up the organisations work at the end of each day in the network. This is important for an iterative approach which is important in management information system. I would recommend all the design software, such as CAD,3D studio Max and Maya for designing workshops, I would recommend Norton Antivirus Internet and Firewall Security for protection against hackers and unlawful users. Setting passwords and have an administrator to run the machine and give it regular check ups.

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