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After evaluating the report I conclude that Tesco fall into the Corporate Citizenship part of the Ethics-Morality Continuum which can be seen as above. This business fall into this category because it provide information and implements certain actions relating to the different issues involved in this category. Social development which is a key part of the Corporate Citizenship and can be defined as “… actions taken by organisation …. to improve the social, economic, cultural or environmental conditions of a society” Tesco have got a range of different policies which deals with different issues relating to the environment.

Due to this I can say that the policies within Tesco cover all the basis part of the Social development issues at high standards. So the policies for Tesco are excellent however, there are still issues relating to some policies which are of concern for both Tesco supermarkets and Morrisons supermarket. For example the policy in question is the seafood policy because according to the Greenpeace oceans campaign both Tesco and Morrisons are fairly poor at this. “In our October 2005 report into the state of supermarket seafood… with Tesco and Morrisons also faring poorly.

The research revealed that Britain’s biggest retailers are responsible for the destruction of fish stocks…. UK’s major supermarkets are selling endangered and threatened varieties of fish. ” Morrison according to the table below show that Morrisons now the worst performing UK supermarket on seafood because Asda now have employed certain policies to tackle the issues of seafood. Morrisons is to stop selling conger eel following the campaign group’s action. Protesters hung a banner at a Morrisons store in Bradford branding it the “UK’s worst seafood retailer”.

Morrisons are the worst supermarkets due to the fact that they have the weakest policy on sustainable seafood and they sell the largest range of destructively fished species. Another reason for being the worst is that Morrisons sell poorly labelled seafood products and have failed to support any initiatives aimed at improving the environmental performance of fishing practices The aim of this assignment is to give me the opportunity to apply the concepts and techniques of environmental analysis to a sector and company of my choice. In so doing, it will help me to understand the complex world of business.

I’ am required to make balanced judgements, conclusions and recommendations. This assignment aims to develop my research, analysis and evaluation skills, including the collection and interpretation of information from secondary (and sometimes primary) sources. Part 1 of the assignment is the Group Report, for this we will need to choose a business sector that interests us. Our report should answer the following question: ‘What are the main current and prospective drivers in the UK business environment that might encourage your chosen business sector to improve its ecological, ethical or social performance?

‘ To do this, we will need to identify and review Social, Legal, Economic, Political and Technological, as well as Ecological and Ethical trends. These should be relevant to sustainability issues in the business environment of the chosen sector. We are also to review these trends generally, and then show how they relate to your specific sector. Our chosen sector is to be Supermarkets, and my part of the assignment is to do the Political and Technological trends of the above mentioned sector.

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