Business Studies

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Business Studies must be relevant to the real world of business and what goes on in the world outside the classroom.You will not be able to achieve this by only doing SECONDARY MARKET RESEARCH.This coursework option gives you a chance to study, analyse and report on a business idea and will be based on a FICTITIOUS business. Remember that you will be given some DEADLINES and in order to gain full marks it is vital that you meet these deadlines.

In this handbook, you will be given a step-by-step guide. This will enable you to gain good marks for your coursework. This work is worth 25% of your final examination marks. There is no specific length for this piece of work, but the work will need to meet all of the criteria. It will be possible to meet all of the criteria set down in this handbook with a piece of work of around 2000-3000 words.

You must use ICT in all aspects of this work, and remember that there is plenty of information on both the INTERNET and the INTRANET. Your work must be presented in a REPORT format, and must be word processed. You must pay lots of attention to your spelling, punctuation and grammar as you can gain marks for this.

You will be expected to bring this guide with you EVERY lesson. If it is felt that you are not producing enough work during the lessons, you will be expected to use time after school or at lunch time to catch up. There will also be a copy of this guide in the “V” drive in the folder called BUSINESS STUDIES and it will be saved then in the YEAR 10 folder under COURSEWORK.


As a student at Challney High School for Boys, your task is to decide whether there is a gap in the market at the school to provide an alternative supply of fast food to the students in years 7-10. You will have to compete against three different suppliers of fast foods. One is the Buttery, the second is a company selling ice cream and the third will be selling Samosas.

As a group, you will need to do the following: –

Identify and describe the BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY.

What will your business provide? Why do you think that this GOOD or SERVICE will be popular in this particular market? You must brainstorm this idea, and then decide which one you will use for your company’s business.

You will need to think of a name for your business. You will also need to design a LOGO, a slogan and an advertising flyer. These will need to be done individually, and then voted on as a group to decide on the one that your group will use.

This year, you will do everything that groups in previous years have done, except actually run the business in school. You will need to be able to work as a group, but in the end, your report will be your own.
For this section you need to go to the ‘V’ drive on the school computers. The document you need to use is called Sec_data.

This is the task that you will need to complete. You will also need to write a report about this research. This you can find in the ‘V’ drive and the file is called ‘Secondary Data Analysis’

Market Research – Secondary Data Analysis

Open a spreadsheet file from the V:Drive called Secdata.xls

Enter formula to work out the Gross Profit Margin (GPM), Net Profit Margin (NPM) and the Return on the Capital Employed (ROCE) for each of the 4 businesses.

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