Inphase Technologies Business Strategy

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Our business strategy will include the determination of the most of one of the most beneficial product market in term of establishing itself in this new product segment. The most important factor for the success of Inphase Technologies brand is the perception of the consumer and to what extent it can build a positive image in the consumer’s mind. The intensity of the environment, the sustainable competitive advantage of a quality product will give it a strong base to build the market.

It is important for us to adopt a different strategy for the Indian market since the social environment of India differs from that of a western atmosphere. Thus, we shall introduce some new strategies so as to establish our self in the Indian market and develop a strong customer base. For the brand recognition by the people and building a good image among its users, we will have a tie up with Moser Baer, a world leader in the development and manufacture of removable data storage media.

Moser Baer was incorporated in 1983, the company is today one of the India’s leading Technology Companies and ranks among the top three optical storage media manufacturers in the world. It provides different range of products such as CD-Rs, CD-RWs, DVD+R/RW, Mini CDRs and Diskette due to which it has developed a good image in front of its users. The target group selected by us would be huge companies, businessmen and employees working in these huge companies.

The reason for selecting these people as the target groups would be because these days companies usually have a database of around 2 tera bytes. 1 such CD with a storage capacity of 1 tb would solve their problem of storage of information and handling different hard discs for the same and time is one of the most benefiting the general people without getting into the problem of purchasing another ROM since it works on DVD ROM also. CD would be the most convenient for them to handle and is also cost effective and speedy than the hard disc or any other medium of storage.

The other target group would be the young generation today that likes to keep a huge collection of movies, music albums, videos, games and pics. They can even use it for storing their projects and other important data

A business plan can only be profitable if a true estimate of market is captured successfully. Besides it needs to be backed by strong financial analysis to ensure that it would not incur loss. It is of utmost importance to derive the break-even-point, so that the owner is aware about the future profit/loss.

Keeping this in mind, lets have a look at few important facets of business planning for both ideas.

Competitive landscape analysis

Indian public security systems are definitely not keeping pace with any technological advances. Rampant corruption, bureaucratic Police system, lack of effective and quick judicial system, lack of investigative arm in the Police Department, etc are the various causes for its dismal security system. Competition in this concept is almost non-existant.

It is only the government which can take steps further in this direction and it has to compete against nobody. This should make it easier to implement it, since there are any conflicting interests of private players. There would be tremendous competition in this arena from avenues and players offering similar services. The player offering the highest differential price would perhaps be the winner. Primary competitors would be other cellular companies which offer similar services.

Sony can be a major threat if it rolls out this technology successfully and introduces it for lesser cost.

Market demographic and socio-economic analysis

Since the project is a revenue generation device, it does not target any particular strata of the population. The primary purpose of surveillance is to minimize crime by inducing fear and tighter measures, rescue victims in time, provide emergency ambulance services to people in need. Basically it encompasses whole population and whosoever might be committing a crime or being victimized becomes a part and parcel of this project.

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