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Select a business situation, that has a problem, in some business way. Produce a scenario to demonstrate the business area of activity and the present working practices, both of a functionality and technical nature. From your scenario, produce a report to the management that satisfies the Outcomes and Assessment Criteria. Demonstrating the problem(s) and your proposal in order to solve them through the use of business application development tools, packages and techniques.

I work for a consultancy that specialises in engineering however the companies finance system and HR system is outdated, and the company is growing larger each day as a result of winning successful bids for new contracts. The need to develop the existing network and back office system is imperative to survive in today’s market. The company has three building within London and employs 300 staff with varying skills and capabilities.

The specialisation and nature of the business is transport system engineering and the majority of staff employed are skilled technicians and engineers, however there is a large number of staff making up the finance and HR departments. My role in the company is to provide cost saving solutions and ways to improve and develop efficiency throughout the business. As assistant manager within the business development team I have been asked by my senior manager to help maximise the support and efficiency project managers, business managers and support staff have within the company.

Providing an action plan for the future as well as designs for a new back office system that will be capable to cope with today’s business needs. I aim to design a computer application that integrates all the companies support needs in one system. This means providing all the tools our company needs to work effectively and accurately providing less time consuming tasks every project manager, support clerk and business manager face into one easy to use package.

An upgrade of the existing network infrastructure and personal computers, printers, fax machines etc will have to be implemented before the new back office system is put into use. I will review and comment in this report upon the issues that have forced such a change in technology for our business stating identifying how it will help us develop in such a growing market. It is advised that the entire data communications system be reviewed and rebuilt. An in depth review of the existing network will have to be carried out be an independent source.

Everyone in the organisation will receive a replacement standard PC, either laptop or desktop, which will give you a faster and more reliable service. The “Refresh” will provide you with a flexible, user-friendly system with increased computing speed, additional features on your PC, easier and quicker support and complete standardisation across the business. I would advise that once the “refresh” has taken place and a new system is in place individual network needs for the business be addressed to increase the possibilities such as ‘remote access’ and an ‘Intranet Site’.

Each user will have support from a central Service Desk located in one of the three buildings however a support technician will be based at every site providing support to all users through which all IT requests for service and problem management will be channelled. The Service Desk will be equipped with a call management system to allow the analysts to track all calls through to resolution. A remote control tool will enable the Service Desk to take control of your PC to solve your problems or show you how to help yourself.

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