Business Software Applications

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In this assignment I will be looking at different types of business software applications. There are many types of software’s but I will be limiting myself to only four of them. These are

1. Financial software

2. Human resources software

3. Transaction processing and web designing software

4. Client record and customer query processing software

Financial software

This is a software designed help businesses manage the inflows and outflows their money. Sage Instant Accounts is a good example of financial software. This software is basically a bookkeeping solution designed specifically for small and start-up businesses. It enables businesses do their accounts in hours instead of days. Financial software makes it very easy for businesses to run profit and loss and balance sheet reports at the touch of a button. It also helps in Preparing VAT Returns easily. Financial software’s basically aids business to work at a faster rate and also minimize the amount of errors. Controlling errors is very important to business because just one error can make a firm lose a lot of money.

HR software

This is a type of software which has been designed to help businesses control and monitor human resources electronically. Hr software helps businesses to easily manage their firm in terms of thing such as monitoring staff recruitments, discipline and grievance, payroll and company benefits.

An example of HR software is Peoplesoft. Peoplesoft is a basically a multifunctional software. Apart from it performing the HR software functions, it also allows businesses to become more effective in terms of distribution, manufacturing, supply and chain and other vertical market.

Selecting the right software and systems will ensure successful completion of the Human Resources systems. Equally important is the selection of the right supplier who can really understand customer requirements and set up an effective working relationship.

Transaction processing and web operations software

Transaction processing and web operations software is basically designed to help businesses improve its business service by creating an online presence. The Website helps businesses display variety of functions, ranging from promoting the company to a wider audience, offering support/advice or selling products and services through e-commerce

Actinic is an example of such software. This software basically helps businesses provide a wide online service that can carryout for instance online payment, downloading of music and video clips. This is very helpful to businesses because

Having a good website makes its very easy for customers to manipulate therefore they will not switch that easy from your site to your competitors site. It’s also very likely that your potential customers might end up buying from your site if it very easy to control than if it was complicated.

Client records and customer query processing software

This is software designed basically is basically to help businesses improve its services in terms of keeping client records and processing customer queries. This software allows firms to update customer’s record and reply customer queries within expected time limit. There are different types of software that can be used for such purposes and “Act” is one of them. Act is a software by sage that allows businesses to give its employees easy access to customer information and other aspects that relates to client records and customer query processing. Sage has more than 2.5 million users and 35,000 customers.

Some its features are

* It has a custom email client of its own

* Its possible to make mail shots and other documents using Word and synchronize contact records with Pocket PC and Palm handheld computers

* ACT 2007 allows Outlook 2000 or later to be configured as a preferred email client.


* the biggest drawback to this Sage application remains it s complexity

* You don’t get the full benefit of ACT unless it’s shared, with support for up to 10 users in the basic ACT 2007 package.

* need for a fairly well-specified computer with plenty of available memory

Some useful commutation methods

E mails

It is a method of communicating whereby an individual uses a computer or other electronic device to compose and send a message to another individual. It is classified to be among one of the fastest methods of communication. It’s also very cheap. For examples in business, suppliers use emails to send information to clients about the when they going to supply the good and also use it to send them online invoices. It also allows business attact files to their email and send them off to receipient.It’s a very fast way of passing information to one another and also very cheap. So businesses can save money.


An intranet uses the same technology as the Internet, but operates within the confines of a single organization, its internal. Normally an intranet is used to deliver text and images, although the technology is capable of audio, animation, video and real-time 3D graphics (sometimes called ‘virtual reality’). Intranet is normally used by companies and collages to share information internally (i.e. not outside the college of company). In collages teachers for instance use it to teacher they students. Everyone within the college can access data placed on the network. For example any information on course work placed in work share (college database) by teachers can be accessed by students.

Electronic data transfer

This is basically about transferring data electronically. This reduces the risk of human error meaning it will be much better using Electronic data transfer rather than typing it manually. Electronic data transfer allow business transfer important information internally with the departments as well as externally to say the government. For example, sending company balance sheet to government

Video links

Video links is basically a method of communication that allows people to communicate through sound as well as visual images. It is also known as videoconference. This allows the people involved in the communication to see each other live. To have a video link one will need a good internet connection and a webcam. This is very useful to businesses because the can hold meetings without everybody assembling at a particular location.

it makes communication more easier to understand as compare to a normal telephone conversation or conference. This is because with video conferencing, one can at least see the body language to tell if someone understands something or not.

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