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SMART targets provide a clear outline of what needs to be done and how the outcome will be assessed. S – Specific target meaning I have set myself a specific target and aim which is after choosing university I would be studying business management, as I know after college I still would want to carry on with business further in the future. If I haven’t set a Specific target then this would mean I wouldn’t know what to do and if I have chosen a different course and it didn’t benefit me in the future it would be no use as I would be wasting my time so it’s vital that I know what I want to do for my career.

M – Measurable, achieving targets which are being recorded and also checked regularly. As I set myself of having 100% attendance and punctuality as it would help me at university and look good on my UCAS profile as they would take me serious and know I am keen to study everyday without taking a day off as they take attendance and punctuality very seriously. I would make sure I wake up early for my lessons and come in college before 10mins registration so I would have time to get everything sorted before the lesson starts and also coming into college everyday which would improve my attendance. If I do not monitor my attendance then this would affect me as they might not take me in as my attendance has gone down this would look bad on my reference as they wouldn’t take me serious as they might not think I’m reliable and not keen to study.

A -Achievable meaning by I would able to achieve my aims and targets. By end of this year I am aiming for double destination for BETC business level 3. I would be making sure I have done all my work the pass and merit work which I can do all destination work for all units which I gain a double destination by end of the year so I can get accepted in university. As it’s very competitive today to get into university I would have to be careful on what university I apply to as they all have different qualifications requirement so I would need to read before I apply. So if I don’t apply and pick out the right university that would able to take me in within my grades I have achieved then I would be wasting my time and wouldn’t get nowhere as I wouldn’t accepted if I don’t pick out carefully.

R – Realistic means its easy to achieve my target if I have plan what I need to do if I have the right target. For example for a realistic is applied to universities. In the middle of my last year of college I would have to apply to universities; so therefore I would be going through my personal statement and also my UCAS profile which would help me choose and apply my 5 chosen universities. Also attending to all my 5 chosen universes opening days so I would know what to experience if I do chose of those universities. If I don’t meet this target therefore I wouldn’t be going to university.

T – Time related where I should have deadlines to meet certain targets to achieve my career plan. After I have graduated from university I would start thinking of on how I can open up my own business as soon as possible therefore I would checking and going to a career advisor., which can help and give advice what I want to and what would suit be best. By giving me a step by step on how I can open up my very own business. And also starting up and updating my CV. I would be keeping update with my CV’s which I would be including my experience which I would be volunteering working in retail shops which I would have experience and know on what business to open. If I do not meet any of my deadlines at all then I wouldn’t know how to manage time as its very important if I want to manage and run a business of my own.

Time management Time management is a range of skills and techniques used to manage time when accomplishing specific tasks, projects and goals. The important point is that time management is not necessarily about getting lots of stuff done, because much more important than that is making sure that you are working on the right things, the things that truly need to be done and monitor things I have set myself down. There are 6 main steps to time management such as:-

1. Get To Know Yourself; As my long term is to open up my own business for my career plan therefore I would need to know need to know what I need to get trained as a management and run a business on what to improve and what are the things that I don’t need to improve as I don’t want to learn skills that I already have as this would not be wasting time and learning quickly.

2. Priorities It is something that is very important, and is on the “to do” list, as it matters more than most things. I can’t do everything at the same time so I would have to manage time and get things done one at a time. If I start revising and retaking my maths exams and stopped in the middle and retake my English instead then this would mean I wouldn’t finish of my target plan and would waste more time as I would have more pressure and less time to get both things done together.

3. Get Organised Write down my business goals and how you plan to achieve them in a clear and precise way and stick to it. Keep this plan visible to remind myself of my plan from day to day. By studying and sticking to my career plan, then I can evaluate my position as to where I stand and make any necessary adjustments to get them done back on track in time.

4. Focus If I plan on something for my career plan and needing to get my skills done if I get carried away with something else rather than stay focus and getting it done as for example In the middle of my last year of college I would have to apply to universities, I would have to get my personal statement done on time and also my UCAS profile if I do not then this done as soon possible then this would mean I would fall behind on achieving my aims as I would have more pressure to get it done in a short period of time.

5. Track Time This is very useful if I keep a dairy or a organiser on what I am doing and deadlines by keeping notes of important things that needs to be done on so I don’t forget and achieve my goals and targets right on time so I have more time and less pressure.

6. Limit time If I spend huge amount of time on one target this would be wasting away on other targets that needs to be done, would have to spend less time and get more focus would help getting the task done as quickly so I wouldn’t have to worry about not able to meet the targets within the deadlines.

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