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There are wide ranges of information used by businesses every day. It is essential for them to choose the right type of information to communicate with their stakeholders, the type of the information will vary depending on who it is referring to. I’ve chosen Nissan Motors Co LTD. They use verbal, written, on-screen, multimedia and web based information to communicate with their stakeholders, however which type of these information will be used will depend on the what kind of information and receiver of the information. I’m going to explain the types of the information and how it is used in my organisation.

1. Verbal information is spoken method of information and this is the best way to communicate, because you will be speaking to the other person that means there will be less complication of misunderstanding each other. For example: Nissan conducts general shareholders meeting every year to report on business plan, financial statements of their fiscal year and any other arising issues. As the number of shareholders are very large, they used to ask any questions in writing to the company after the meeting or before, but shareholders requested the opportunity to ask question during the meeting and the company agreed with their request and distributing tickets to shareholders who have a question to ask, so that way the communication got better as they can actually speak face to face with the company’s CEO and get an immediate response from the company instead of waiting for a reply.

2. Written information- in business written information is used in many different ways. It is used every single day in businesses, orders to suppliers, e-mails to customers, cheques to employers, memos, reports for managers, accounting transaction etc these documents are all has to be written, some will be used as evidence, some will be used as informative purpose. For example: when Nissan plan for their shareholders meeting, first they will send invitation letters and e-mails to all the shareholders in writing, with agenda of the meeting including the details of the meeting such as location of the meeting, date, time and programme of the day and some guidance notes. I found the invitation letter that Nissan sent to shareholders in 2010 (please see attached supporting document number 01)

3. On-screen information- information will be showing on projector or any kind of screen. Nissan used on screen presentation for the meeting to show the financial figures and facts. It can be challenging when you talk about numbers to large audience. Putting it on screen, enabling the audience to see what you are talking about will have better understanding, and everybody will be on the same page as the presenter.

4. Multimedia information- is different types of medias such as video, text, picture, audio, graphs, animations put together to make one piece of information. It is used common nowadays in entertainment industry as well as a tool for businesses. For example After the general meeting, Nissan prepares documents for people who were unable to attend to the meeting in person, it includes the video, materials presented in the meeting, matters discussed in the meeting with the final result or plan that is going to be take place, all this information is put in one file/CD to be send to members for their information on how the meeting went. So it is very useful that you can still see the video and documents to see what you missed and be kept informed at all times.

5. Web based information- this is the most modern way of spreading information and it is still developing faster and faster. Businesses have website of their own which is enabling them to provide service globally as it can be accessed via internet anywhere in the world. It also is replacing way of storing information as you can save all your photos, documents, videos online and have the access of it whenever you are, instead of having it in certain place and can’t reach it when you need them and also it saves papers and money.

I scan every handouts received from the teacher and upload it into my online storage and recycle the papers which is making life easier for me. However for Nissan, they have their own websites for each country, so that the customers can access it in their language, read all the information that he/she wanted to know instead of phoning them. For example: if I wanted to buy share from Nissan, I can go onto their website and check all their financial statements company history, plans and every other information to decide whether or not invest in the company.

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