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Write a 750-word paper in which you address the following questions: What unethical research behavior was involved? Who were the injured parties? How has the unethical behavior affected the organization, the individual, and society? How could the unethical behavior be avoided or resolved? Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes Unethical business research conduct is something you see everyday that managers try to find and resolve before the situation escalades.

Unethical conduct is a problem in the work place, because of people lack of morals and values. This paper will discuss how unethical behavior affects businesses. It will address why and how individuals chose to use unethical judgments and how to resolve it. The reader will get a better understanding of how the situation can be avoided from the beginning. This paper will provide prime examples of unethical business conduct. This article will teach others about unethical business conduct. The first thing the reader must understand is what is unethical conduct?

We must identify the two words separately; unethical means lacking of principles or not willing to cooperate with proper rules of conduct. Conduct means the manner of which an individual behaves. Unethical conduct generally means one not conducting themselves with proper moral and principles. Normally in corporate America before people are hired at any job, they must read and understand the principle by which the business goes by. Rather it’s a business that operates machinery or a fast food restaurant all have a code of conduct that they must abide by.

Manager’s jobs are to reinforce and to insure that all employees are following the code of conduct and they are abiding by all he principles. Once an employee violates the principle, the mangers position is to discipline that individual. A prime example of unethical conduct, deals with a recent case at Red Lobster. There was a Hispanic employee that worked in the kitchen, in then dish area. This man was an older male in his 50’s. There was an attractive African American woman who worked in the kitchen with the food.

Everyday this male would see this young lady he would stop what he was working on and say, “Hello beautiful”, and rub her hand. She nicely said, “Hello”, and gently pulled away from this man. Everyday the same thing act would go on. Apparently time goes by as she felt he was just being too nice. One day this young lady had to get some utensils out of the dish area. The utensils were placed under the sink. She had to kneel down to reach then utensils. As she kneel down to reach them, the man was calling other male employees over to look at here rear end.

She turned around and they all fled. She immediately notified her manager about what went on. Her First the manager had to collect information from other employees that had heard or seen this man in action. In this case the behavior that was unethical was the male calling his friends to look at the woman rear. The injured party was the young lady. The unethical behavior affected the business as whole. Because the manager had to stop all of the employees from being extra friendly with one another, they could no longer hugs, hand shake, or anything of the sort.

The way the behavior could have been avoided is by the male choosing better judgment and being respectful to others. In conclusion many situations in corporate America can avoid unethical business conduct if they abide by the rules and principle that are laid out for them. The management properly handled the situation in guideline with the corporate office. The male was disciplined. The research to make the case came from not only one employee but five other women.

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