Business Report on Advertising Flyers

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The best layout feature is the fonts. They are the best way to attract attention. They can be bold, italic, underlined and can be anywhere on the flyer despite the size. The font is the main focus point of the flyer. I think this is so because the text can be used in as many fonts imaginable, which attracts attention, some more than others. The best feature of the style list is how you have to find out how to attract the attention with the reader. It is a difficult job to do so; you have to use a wide range of graphics, text, fonts, point sizes and so on.

If you attract the attention of the public then that’s the job done. Its their decision whether to act on the flyer or not. The best feature of the types of information list is the text. This gets the message across and can be backed up by tables or numbers. Without text, the reader would not know what the flyer was presenting. Too much text does spoil the flyer though because it would be too confusing for the reader if there was a pile of text with no spaces in between or with no pictures or numbers to help. The best presentation is the graphics.

Like text, too many graphics spoil the document. Graphics help attract attention by jumping out at the reader. Many of the flyers that have caught my attention have colourful graphics. The standards of the flyer are also very important. If the flyer was advertising a product that a reader bought and it broke, the reader would want a contact number or an address so they can replace it or fix it. The address or number included on the flyer will let the reader know that the company is reliable and there if something goes wrong.

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