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The aims that I will try to achieve during this project are the following; I will gather a significant amount of information concerning at least 3 vacant business premises in my local area; I will analyse these vacant premises from an enterprising perspective; I will find out, by questioning the local community, what business’ are generally considered to be lacking in presence in the area;

I will choose one of the vacant business premises as an ideal site to set up a business; I will choose which kind of business would be ideal to set up in aforementioned location; I will decide about the details concerning how the business should operate in order to maximise financial success; I will write a report about the business, and what could be expected from it in terms of quantities of success.

In order to achieve these main aims, certain tasks will need to be completed, and reports will need to be written, in addition to other forms of information to aid this documentation. Write a report on the aims, objectives, and methodology of the project Divide the Project into several aims  Divide the Aims into many objectives Explain the objectives with methodology Locate and gather information on at least 3 business sites Analyse the significance of the location of the sites Find, create, and annotate maps of the region including significant information about the immediate area

Note nearby locales of significance, such as bus stations or competing business’

Regard the popularity of the general vicinity in terms of numbers of potential consumers Evaluate the financial costs of locating in certain areas  Investigate the other advantages and  isadvantages of the locations of each of the business sites Find out the prices of the sites, to buy and/or rent Consider the implications of the appearance of the sites  How aesthetically pleasing are the premises from the exterior? What potential do each of the sites have.

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