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My research was quantitative because of my small sample; therefore, I had a more in depth understandings of what the customer wants because I conducted it myself. Qualitative research involves an in-depth understanding of human behaviour and the reasons that govern human behaviour. Unlike quantitative research, qualitative research relies on reasons behind various aspects of behaviour. Simply put, it investigates the why and how of decision-making, as compared to what, where, and when of quantitative research. Therefore, my research was more quantitative research as opposed to qualitative.

My data was collected by me therefore its primary research also known as field research. Field research is the primary marketing technique used by businesses to research their target market. Field research involves the collection of primary data or information that is new. This is collected through surveys and questionnaires that are made out specifically for a purpose. Advantages of Field Research are that the business can design the research in the best way to discover the particular information required. In addition, the business can be sure that the information gathered is up to date.

However, there is also Disadvantages of Field Research, these are it takes time for the business to gather the information and this is also costly and time consuming. Licence All takeaways, cafes, restaurants, tea/coffee stalls and even burger vans are required to hold a licence issued under the The Licensing Act 2003. Any form of trade between 11pm and 5am will require a license, which is in addition to any street trading license you may hold for roadside trading. Your application will have to be accompanied by a copy of a plan of where you intend to trade, an operating schedule, and details of which licensable activities it relates to.

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