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Today, we are here to introduce to everybody about a feasible business project. We will set up a restaurant for employees and officials. We think this business segment will reap much success because it services the needs of large number of client. Along with economic development, human busier with work and don’t have time to cook. This project will be the best solution to their problem. 1. Investment: The restaurant will be operating with a capital of more than initially estimated 700 millions Vietnamdong, with a staff of 25 people. The name of restaurant is PARADISE.

Place ; Area: – Place no 12, Lac Trung, Hai Ba Trung district, Ha Noi city. – Ground store: wide 6 m2, 15 m2 length, total area of 90 m2. This is convenient place to open a restaurant around the offices such as Digital Television VTC, Supermarkets, subsidiaries, Branch of Bank… 3. Products: We plan to offer dishes with a unique layout and calculate the calories on the menu for customer to choose. Because the main customers are office staff, so the dishes will feature low-fat, highly in fiber and dessert of fresh fruits to provide vitamine. The restaurant will free ship within 5km.

The restaurant serves lunch office top first in the region, and an essential first restaurant calorie intake to help clients shape and good healthy. – In addition, social life is improving, people are willing to pay price higher than average price to ensure food hygiene and beauty. d. General strategy: – Confirmed the brand and ensure the level of hygiene and cleanliness of the dishes offer menu to help customers’ complete nutrient medium, while they can keep a good shape.

Offer affordable and suitable to the pockets of our target customers. – Construction staff of the restaurant serves a dynamic, enthusiastic, careful, thoughtful, satisfying meet the needs of the customers served. – Diversification of seasonal food, attention to nutrition in each meal so as not to cause boredom to customers. – Promote and strengthen the advertising strategy to promote brand PARADISE and confirmed its position as the leading pioneer.

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