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This is a photograph of my chosen location, the derelict site that was formerly home to Bryan Donkin Company Ltd. It has been taken from across the road in the Alma Leisure Park. This is another photograph of the land at the side of and behind the main building on the Bryan Donkin site. It has been taken from the roundabout opposite my chosen location. Advantages/Disadvantages of my chosen site I feel that my chosen site has the potential to be extremely busy. It is based on the route that most people take to get into the town centre; therefore huge amounts of customers will pass it every day.

It is also extremely accessible to people living in Sheffield, they can travel to my site easily via the A61. A disadvantage is that the roundabout can get extremely busy at peak times, such as when people are travelling home from work. However, with the extensive land available at my site, I feel that it would be possible to ease the congestion by perhaps creating a large car park or even extending the road. Predictions I feel that my questionnaire will show the result that many people would prefer a supermarket on the site.

This is because there isn’t a supermarket near the site; all of the others are on the other side of Chesterfield. There will be a few who will vote in favour of a new football stadium for Chesterfield Football Club being built there as there has been talk of this happening ever since Bryan Donkin closed down. I also feel that a shopping centre may be popular, with an Ice Rink being voted for by the younger voters. As I will be asking how far the general public would be willing to travel to my site, I expect that if it is chosen to be a supermarket then they would be happy to travel further than if it was a shopping centre.

This is because it would be the nearest supermarket to Hasland, Wingerworth and Grassmoor, whereas, there are plenty of other shopping centres or retail parks in this area, such as the Vicar Lane shopping centre in Chesterfield and Meadowhall in Sheffield. However, I feel that if a company was to set up a supermarket on the former Bryan Donkin site, it would waste the huge amount of potential visitors who could travel to my site from places such as Sheffield if it was, for example, a shopping centre.

A football stadium would obviously guarantee certain amounts of tourism in the area from travelling away fans. However, it is thought by many that there may be too many problems with the current infrastructure to be able to house such a huge project at this site. The fact that there are already Ice rinks in Doncaster, Sutton in Ashfield and Sheffield may affect people in the way that they feel that an Ice rink is not needed in Chesterfield currently. Delivery Access Information

I feel that my location is extremely easy to reach, as there are several routes available. I have included a map to pinpoint the available roads: – As seen on the above map, there are several ways for customers to reach my site. For example, the A61 Derby Road serves as a possible route for people in the nearby villages of Wingerworth, Tupton and Clay Cross, whereas the A61 to Sheffield may attract large amounts of customers from in and around the city.

Also, many people will pass my site on their way to the town centre, so I feel quite confident that whatever business locates there will attract some custom from passers-by who just happen to go into the building out of interest and curiosity. I took some more photographs to help get a better understanding of the area as a whole and the roads around my site. This photograph is taken from the above the road leading into Chesterfield town centre. It is facing the Bryan Donkin site. The roundabout is clearly visible from this position.

This photograph is also taken from above the road leading into Chesterfield town centre, however, this is facing Chesterfield town centre. The Bryan Donkin site is about 100m away from where I took this photograph, in the bottom left hand corner. This picture is of the busy roundabout that links together the 4 main roads. My chosen site is a little to the left of this photograph. Viewable on this picture are the A617 from Hasland (A), the A61 to Sheffield (B) and the A61 Derby Road (C). This is a good example of how congested the road can get, as this was taken early in a morning and it is still very busy.

This picture is of the A61, which leads to Sheffield. The Bryan Donkin site is situated behind and left of where this photograph has been taken. This road provides a very easy way for people from Sheffield to reach my site, which is obviously a good thing as Sheffield has a high population, meaning the possibility of gaining lots more customers. This photograph has been taken from the pavement at the side of the A617 from Hasland. My chosen site is visible to the left of the photograph, across the road. I have labelled it (A).

The busy roundabout is also visible to the right hand side of the photograph. Gaining Public Opinion To find out what the general public felt would be the most useful business to be located on the former Bryan Donkin site I carried out a survey. I have included a copy of this survey on the next page. In the interests of fairness, I decided to ask 100 people, all of differing ages. I concluded that this target audience should consist of 50 males and 50 females, as this would give me the ‘fairest’ results.

When constructing my survey, I felt that I should give possible answers in the form of bullet points as this may convince more people to fill it in. For example, if someone is busy and they see a question where they have to write a few sentences, they may not bother to fill in the survey. However, if there are bullet points that can be circled to increase efficiency, they may be willing to spend more time filling in the questionnaire. I have constructed charts as I feel that this is the best way to represent the data that I have collected in doing this questionnaire.

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