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Fast food takeaway: This would be a fast food take-a-way shop based in Kenley. It will sell burgers, chicken and chips and will be aimed at people who do not have time to cook or are hungry whilst out. There is a lot of competition in all areas so it would be hard to compete with larger big brand fast food shops in the local area such as KFC. Start up costs include the premises, cooking equipment, stock, counters and office fittings, and when started, wages for staff from local area.

The explanation for not choosing this as my final business is that there is too much well established competition in the area. T-shirt printing shop: A shop that prints and sells T-shirts of customers own designs. The premises would be in Warlingham as there is no competition for quite a distance I believe the nearest one to be in Caterham which is about 30 minutes away. Start up costs will include premises which I would have to rent because of limited finance, T-shirts, ink and printing machines, counters and shop fittings.

Specialist model shops: A shop which sells radio controlled models and accessories specialising in planes, the model shop will be in great demand as there are very few models shops in this area and most modellers have to travel for around 1 hour and 30 minutes to get to their nearest shops. There is a flying club in Caterham so it would be wise to open the shop near there. Premises in Whyteleafe on the Goadstone road will be perfect as there is parking and easy access from the flying club and the M25.

Start up costs the business will have to pay for includes rent on premises, stock for shop which will be a large cost as I will need to stock a large range of products. Counters and office fittings, advertising. Hairdressers: A women’s hair salon that washes, cuts and dyes hair. It would be hard to set up a hair salon as there are already a lot of them about. It would be hard to compete against them and attract customers from them. The premises would have to be situated somewhere there is little competition.

Start up costs includes premises, office fittings such as chairs, stock such as shampoo etc. I have decided that my best option would to open a specialist model shop as there is no competition in the area, and there is also a demand for one in the area. My chosen Business I have decided that my business is going to be a specialist model shop concentrating mainly upon planes. I will now give the details of what my business intends to produce and provide. The shop will sell kits, ARTF’s planes, radio gear such as transmitters and receivers, especially Futaba, Engines ranging from O.

S to S. C, wood’s and glues, building equipment such as knives and hinge cutters, covering materials, fuel and flight accessories such as pumps and starters. We will offer advice to customers who can not do something. We will also think about the possibility of starting up an online shop. The shop will sell its goods to customers through the shop but I am thinking about the possibility of an online shop as well which will have to use a delivery company such as U. P.

S to ship orders to customers who could be all over the country. I will provide 30 day return policy to ensure quality to my customers, if they are not satisfied the may return the goods. To ensure high quality balsa and other wood I will make sure the wood is all graded so customers will get the best quality wood. There is a premise available on the Goadstone road which would be suitable as it is in a great location as there is no competition and the nearest model shop is about 45 minutes away.

It is big enough to display models and other accessories and there is also a store room where stock can be kept. Rent in the area is fairly expensive how ever the site is so appropriately placed it would be worth the expense. To advertise the company I would put advert in local papers and in specialised model magazines such as RCM;E and Model Flyer. This would an effective method of marketing as we will be advertising to potential customers. I have investigated property prices in this area and the average price appears to be about i??

17,000 per annum. My customers will be regular modellers and beginners who want to get into flying and will not know much and will need help and advice on what to buy. Most customers will be regular customers and will buy fuel regularly and planes every now and again. I hope to build a good relationship with my customers so they return to the shop. I need to research the following areas to find out about what customers want and where the most convenient site would be and what open hours will be the most appropriate.

I hope to also find out about what type of customers I will have, and what there needs are. For example, some one is only just starting flying will want a easy to fly plane whereas an advanced modeller may want a scale plane or an aerobatic pattern ship which is extremely difficult to fly. This will mean that I will be able to stock the right stock for my customers and always have want they want. From researching I hope to also find out what start up costs I will have and how much rent will cost and what other expenses I will have.

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