Business Plan – Sporting Glory

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The estimated costs above for setting up the business result in having an estimated 18,000 left over from the total 60,000 investment. This can then be used to buy more stock when required, advertising, hiring staff etc. The stock will be mainly supplied directly from the manufacturers themselves such as Nike, Adidas, Umbro, Reebok, Fila, Kappa, Diadora etc. m) Premises and Equipment: The location of the business will be in a retail store situated in the high street of Sutton in Surrey.

The shop will have machinery such as cash registers, security devices (cameras burglar alarms etc. ), smoke alarms, computers to check stock availability etc. Most of the equipment will not need to be the latest and most expensive devices as the store involved will only be a small one. n) Profit: All the profit will go to the owner and businessperson Murtuza Husain (myself). The estimated cost of setting up the business is around i?? 42,000. Therefore the income received from the business after this amount will be the profit. An estimated monthly turnover would be:

3000 which would result in time period of about 14 months for the business to break even (assuming all income went towards breaking even). o) Cash Flow: Payments will be received whenever an item is purchased from the shop. Payment options will include cash, cheque or credit or debit card. This has been estimated to be around i?? 3000 per month. Cash will also go out as the business will need to buy stock, pay staff, pay electricity rates for the shop and other payments. This is estimated to be around i?? 1750. Therefore an estimated i?? 1250 profit (assuming the business has broken even) will be made monthly.

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