Business Plan Of Fast Hot Dogs

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A mini enterprise is a small business that is run for a short period of time and gives us participating students a chance to have the opportunity to understand how businesses are set-up and run in the real world. The aim of running our mini enterprise was above all to see how well we could all work together, run a business and successfully in order to enable us to make a considerable amount of profit for a chosen charity. This plan is a document that explains our business ideas, listings in a particular way to get our business plans going.

It contains what we plan to do, how we are going to do it, when we plan to do it and why we believe our idea is profitable and will be a great success. Market: We did our questionnaires and done an analysis. By this we found our place in the market for our goods. We done this to find out if there is a demand for our products that we was going to sell and have found out that there was quite a big demand on hotdogs. We found out what every one else is selling and we there for decided to sell a different food product compared to every other business participating.

This is the reason we have chosen for a food stall selling hotdogs and drinks and why we believe this will be a success. Our Product & Service: We will be providing a service to every one, teachers and students at Langley wood school and be selling them their wanted product. We did research and can see that a hot dog was the most preferred hot food product. By these results we have decided and planed to sell a long frankfurter hot dog in a long bred roll and plan to sell it at a price of 65p each.

These hot dog rolls does not have a packaging for the product it is brought on a serviette. We will also sell can drinks at a price of 40p each. By looking at our research we can see that Coca Cola and Sprite were the most preferred can drinks. For this reason we will sell Coca Cola and Sprite to our customers. Production: We will buy 120 hotdogs and 120 long bread rolls at a super market called Asda. We will also buy 4 onions, 2 big tubes of tomato ketchup, 1 big tube of mayonnaise and 1 big tube of Mustard.

We will take 30 hotdogs, 30 bread long finger rolls and 12 cans of each Sprite and Coca Cola out every day and if we run out of can drinks or food Christopher will be responsible to go and collect extra cans of drinks and food products from where we will store our products. We will also buy a pack of 200 surviettes to last the week. We have enough stock to sell 30 hot dogs in a roll and 24 can drinks in a day. If we do run low on our products I will be responsible to buy more products of which we are low on in the evening and bring into school the next day.

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