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Nowadays, when a lot of new salon hairs are opened around in Australia, they are bringing an important role in Australia economy in generated income and important. These small businesses contribute over 40% of the total income for products and services. Planning to open a new salon hair demands each hairdresser must consider a lot because if a business is lack of planing that is result of the failure hairdresser. Beside that, original business idea always important because it helps you research and analysis of research data and step by step develop a comprehensive business plan.

Business plan helps you focus on the direction that the business wishes to take. Below there are 3 big questions, which you must know Where am I at the moment? Where do you I want to achieve? How to get there? Beside that, you must always research and analyst strengths and weaknesses of both self and competitors. Your business must be a place which customers can recognise that they really enjoy a luxury all in service s without having to be a movie star. Each customer will be taken care by one staff that is able to provide his or her.

Full image advertising services Hair salon services Relaxation services. You want to build the customer relationship model business in which long term relationships with customer are maintained and customer loyalty is to be developed. For that purpose, ours first rule is total customer satisfaction. Customers will enjoy excellent service, quality products, within an enjoyable atmosphere and at an acceptable price. You will also maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which respect s diversity, ideas, and hard work.

Motives for business The most important things when you are preparing to open a business that is motives for business. The aim of business must be used to attract new investors or obtain loan fiance and usually contains the following: services detail, organisational structure and position, an analysis of strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, financial projections, cash flow, targets of sale, marketing, output and distribution, information about key personal, contracts and authorities. Then you must know what the clients’ demands have to be met.

Otherwise the organisation will be forced out of existence through lack of support “the customer is king”. Think about customer demands and changes in business concerned with thigs. Organisation business plan is controlling business achieved all day to day and activities needed to run a successful business. 1. 3. The opportunity and strategy. The most important to developing customer services is to establish an objective or a clear picture of what you want your customer service to achieve and it need to be clear also with both management and the staff.

In establish objectives for the desired level of the customer service manager need to consider more than its cost. Other issues are the infrastructure of the business, the type of work performed, the type of customers, activities of competitors and the nature of the industry. Understanding your clients that that is a good way help you achieved quickly business. 1. 4 The target market You should have sufficient information to identify customers. You are in position to serve. Also you have established your target or niche make within the total market.

You have identified what needing products and services and where you feel confident in privacy customer service superior to the your competitors. A clear picture of how the organisations see itself in the eyes of customers. Improvement provides the customer with a contact person able to provide immedicable answers to customers’ questions or resolve situations without delay or the need to refer the matter to higher authority for a decision. It means the customers have direct contact to a person who understands these needs and can make a decision, saving the time and frustration.

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