Business on Wanstead High Street

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I have decided to base my coursework on starting up a PC Games & Hardware/Software (to do with PC Games) Business on Wanstead High Street. A Business Plan helps to find out how much finance is needed and sets out aims for developing the business. It is also useful for businesses thinking of taking out a loan from a bank. I am trying to set up a PC Games & Hardware/Software (to do with PC Games) Business.

I will locate my business next to the Nationwide Building Society on Wanstead High Street because people will have money when they come out or they may be interested in purchasing a game when they see my shop next door to it. It is also at the centre of the high street near to some popular shops. There is no competition on Wanstead High Street as well, so I will not have to lower my prices too much to get customers. I have decided to set up this business because I have an interest in Computing/Gaming myself and have a wide knowledge of Computers and Games which I can use to my advantage.

I intend to use this knowledge to choose the best games to stock in my shop and to provide information for customers that are having any problems with any of their computer or games. The resources I will need consist of: Money, PC Games (new and previously owned), PC Gaming and PC Magazines, Graphics Cards, Sound Cards and Joysticks/Controllers for the PC. Personal Details I am a Year 10 student at Wanstead High School studying Business Studies, History, Geography and Science (double) as well as the other core subjects.

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