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Richer Sounds are located in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The reason that they moved to different location is because they have more sThey have to choose their store carefully because of they financial crisis and they also follow their store carefully because they want to find out the number of customers in the area and the location site if it is willing to attract as much customers as possible. Location of the business is a good indicator of the area and the business. Richer Sounds has being located at London for the past 31 years. This shows that they are well established for the past years.

Julian Richer started running the company when he was 19 years old in 1978. The reason they relocated to Northern Ireland from London Bridge walk was that they had customers that travelled all they way to purchase the product in London. It was therefore sensible to open on store in the north-west and then Stockport was chosen as the most accessible location. And then they had a buying skills which made them move to where the customers where. And ease to locate. The main advantage for chosen this location was that it was cheap. They store was a great success so they had to look forward to more stores in Birmingham and in Bristol.

Richer Sounds have stores across the UK but have 10 stores in London plus their sales, Julian Richer’s office suggesting that London is the main market for their business. No business stands still whether big or small business, they either move for increase or decrease. They are a lot of things that can cause a business to relocate the reasons vary it may be because of profit or loss. In contrast, UKWebCo. com is located in India and London but has customers in different part of the world which include Spain and Netherlands. UKWebCo. com has been located in London for 6 years.

The London is the capital, the centre of the UK business world. London office is used for the main office whilst the Indian office is used for the IT system which includes Designing and building websites. By doing this part of the business it saves cost and also there are shortages of skills in the UK. These gives the location of a business is a good indicator of the area and the success of the business. UKWebCo. com has a high expectation of Hyderabad in India because it got a university that specialises in IT and most of all the students are IT specialist.

This makes UKWebCo. com more particular about Hyderabad. UKWebCo. com has being in existence for about 6 years and it is fairly new. The reason for their original location is that they started off in the spare room at home they moved out of the original location because the need a more professional location where the customers could come too. Being in a house doing a business is not professional and the business become less popular and less conductive for the customers. hopper which means customers in that area.

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